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Salary Negotiation Coaching

As a professional salary negotiation coach, I specialize in working with experienced software developers who are moving into a new opportunity with a new company. But I also work with clients from all backgrounds as they work to improve at job interviews and salary negotiations, or take the next step in their careers.

My clients improve their job offers by an average of $29,191.

Learn more about my coaching offering here: Expert Salary Negotiation Coaching

Jamie, Senior Software Engineer, GitHub

Negotiating job offers at Facebook, Amazon, GitHub and Stripe

I was unsure about negotiation strategy and how aggressive to be. I was also experiencing a lot of angst about which opportunity was right for me — which one was a good values fit, which one I would actually be happiest in, what they would actually be willing to pay me and how much that even mattered.

You have a lot of time to overthink things during the negotiation process. Josh helped keep my nervousness to a minimum and helped me feel confident about the tone that I was setting in my interactions with different companies.

I negotiated increases in the offers with three of the four companies. GitHub was the lowest offer, but they came up quite a lot with a $25k signing bonus, a $15k increase in salary, and a $32k annual increase in equity.

The offers got close enough to each other that I could decide based on other more intangible factors. I think without Josh's help, I wouldn't have been able to narrow that gap and be able to even think about the ultimately more important factors of where I actually want to work, what I want to devote my efforts to, what I want the next chapter of my career to be oriented around. I was able to choose the opportunity that was the most compelling for me personally.

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I'm very nervous about negotiating. I felt that working with a professional would help take some of the pressure off.

Working with Josh made the whole process a lot less stressful. He was very responsive and I think I got a substantially better offer than I could have on my own. I went from a vague offer of ~$200k first year total compensation to $258k. At a rough guess, I think I could have gotten to ~$220k on my own? So that's a big win and a good cost/benefit. I also learned more about the process for next time.

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I was switching industries and was worried about dealing with a totally different comp package at Amazon.

I weighed the cost/benefit of hiring Josh. There are other far less expensive options and I believe I could have done pretty well negotiating myself, but you tend to “get what you pay for”. In our preliminary calls, Josh added a lot of value and insight at no cost, which showed who he was as a person and ultimately made me want to work with him.

It went great! The process was enjoyable, Josh was quick to help, and the results were strong. I ended up with a $50k+ increase in compensation year one and I have a good four-year outlook that I’m happy with.

I'd recommend hiring Josh to help with salary negotiation because of his knowledge, approach, and depth of experience with Amazon.

Justin Garrison, L6, Amazon

I've never negotiated an extra dollar for myself in any job offer or raise, and I had tried a couple times before.

Having a third party actually validate my concerns was more helpful than I expected. I couldn't get that from most of my friends and family because they are either co-workers or people not familiar with the industry.

There's a lot of anxiety and it can feel like there's deadlines and urgency to making decisions and communicating back, even if it's not necessarily the case. With Josh, there was a lot of strategic planning around how to time responses properly and when to take a phone call versus send an email. Both of those things I think worked out to help me get the best outcome.

The fact that Josh helped me get an additional $74,000 was amazing. It wasn't unexpected to get more money, but it was unexpected to get that much more money. I definitely would not have been able to get the offer I did without Josh's help.

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"I was feeling uncertain..."

I was feeling uncertain about establishing a fair market price for my fairly senior and specialized skill set. The market seems pretty strong but just how strong is hard to tell. My other concern was whether I should make the significant investment of time and energy to bring multiple prospects to the point of making an offer or instead concentrate first on my preferred choice.

I'd heard that my most preferred option made strong but fairly inflexible offers, and so I thought there may not be enough room to negotiate to make up for the up-front coaching fee. And, where the company tended to move, it seemed to be primarily through a signing bonus, which would make Josh's performance fee relatively more expensive compared to, for example, an improvement in ongoing salary. I had also previously read Josh's book and it was good but most of the advice was not new to me, although I found the formula for counteroffers was novel and very good.

A $100k improvement

Despite these hesitations, I decided to work with Josh and got a great outcome. The company we negotiated with made a strong initial offer: over the next 4 years it may be worth $1M+ more than my current job. With Josh's help, we added an additional $100k in bonuses — a $50k signing bonus and a $50k second-year bonus.

I think given their strong need for someone with my skill set and information that I previously had about how they structured their offers, I might have got the second-round offer (+$80k) out of them without Josh's assistance. But I don't think I would have had the confidence to stick in for the third round, which gave an additional $20k improvement. So one way to look at it is that I paid Josh $8k to get a $20k improvement beyond the likely alternative case, which is still very positive.

I appreciated a lot of things about Josh's coaching, including:

  • His insights into the likely mindset or position of our counterparty and additional information about other offers he had seen from the company.
  • Getting assurance that my current employer was a reasonable BATNA and therefore it was not necessary to do the more complicated work of trying to get multiple simultaneous offers.
  • Josh's positive, reassuring, competent manner.
  • The prompt to restate my qualifications for the job when asking for an improved offer, which probably worked well but definitely felt uncomfortably immodest to me.
  • The structure of suggested emails that I could rewrite into my own voice.

Now that it's all settled, I think this will be a very good, energizing and refreshing step in my career. I had some hesitation about walking away from my current job, but knowing that I got a good deal and having additional compensation for RSUs I'm walking away from helped me decide to make the change.

I would recommend Josh to a friend, for all the reasons I mentioned. In higher pay ranges, the fee is moderate compared to the amounts at stake.

Taylor, Executive, Alphabet

Negotiating with Alphabet to get an additional $160k in annual compensation

Alphabet is obviously one of the biggest in the world, the division I'd be working with is dealing with a lot of very novel technology, and I also happen to have a very unique skillset in the industry. So all of that was creating a lot of angst on my part about what am I really worth in this situation? I can't really compare it to a lot of things.

It's like professional sports — if you don't have film on your opponent and you go into a game without any scouting report, you're in big trouble. Josh has 'the film' on Alphabet and other tech companies. He knows who you're dealing with and that's a huge advantage. Even when Alphabet came up with some surprises, Josh was still able to pretty well predict what they were doing and why. It takes a lot of the anxiety out of the process.

Bringing Josh on made a huge difference for me — no way I would have ended up with that number without his help. Whether you're a mid-level engineer or an executive — to me it's a no brainer to work with Josh.

K.S., Software Engineering Manager

I wanted to maximize offer value and come off as a professional when asking for more money. I wasn't sure if I'd get an ROI from hiring Josh, given the high cost; probably wouldn't have done it if not for Patrick McKenzie (patio11) recommending Josh's service.

I'm glad I did. Josh gave me great email drafts and talking points. I negotiated $75k more in salary and a $25k bonus. It’s good to know I’m valued at the company and helps with my motivation.

I'd recommend Josh’s service. I think it has a good EV (expected value) for high earners.

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I had no idea how to negotiate an offer or how much more I could ask for. I was wondering whether Josh's experience would be relevant to my specific job, but it seemed close enough. I also wasn't sure if I would be comfortable with the cost given I am in between jobs and coming from a less well paid (academic) career, but given the large amounts involved it seemed to make sense to hire him anyway!

It went great! We negotiated $11,000 more salary and $55,000 more in equity, plus a front-loaded vesting schedule (33%, 33%, 22%, 12% as opposed to 4 x 25%). The compensation already seemed very generous before we negotiated, but a total increase of $99k over 4 years will make a huge difference in my life. I feel like I assertively stated my value, which feels like a good start to this new work relationship.

I really liked Josh 's responsiveness and how he explained his reasoning and approach (as well as what was probably going on in the background while we waited) in detail along the way. I now actually feel more confident about potentially negotiating another offer myself in the future.

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The coaching cost was a concern for me. Josh's result fee makes sense, but the $3,000 service fee is not inexpensive.

It was well worth it. I got exactly what I wanted. Josh helped me negotiate an extra $3,000 in base salary to hit the cap, $40,000 in extra sign-on over two years, and around $32,000 in extra equity over four years. That's roughly $84,000 in extra income over four years.

It went so smoothly that part of me thought, did I really need to hire Josh? But then I realized that of course I did. I had no idea what I was doing or how to frame the counter offer or how to act after they came with theirs. Having the offer pulled for asking for too much was a huge worry of mine, especially since I had no competing offers. Josh understood where I was coming from and helped put me at ease. He helped me overcome my hesitation to counteroffer and basically assured me that the recruiter expected it.

Working with Josh made me confident that I got a good deal and that I wasn't lowballed. Had I kept my original offer, I would've always had a small chip on my shoulder that I got played. Not having that feeling is almost priceless. I also now have a better understanding of the negotiating process and the confidence to handle this myself next time.

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The biggest risk is not taking any risk. Most of my friends were reluctant for me to work with a salary negotiation coach. Josh's initial fee of $3,000 was high and there was no guarantee that I could get the good result. I saw the value, but when I asked my friends about it, they thought I was crazy because I had to pay a lot in fees for the service.

However, I took a risk and guess what? I received more money from the company than I expected. For my first year, I am receiving $35,000 more for my sign-on bonus and a few thousand more in equity. Since Josh has a lot of negotiation experiences with FAANG, he knew where I am in the level and how we can approach the negotiation. With him, I could have the courage to ask the company to give me more money. I liked how quickly Josh responds and the email he wrote for me about how I can answer the recruiter.

Thank you, Josh. I would not have done it by myself. I will work with you if I get a job offer at a FAANG company or other big tech company like Microsoft in the future.

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Having not interviewed recently, I wasn't sure how to approach the negotiation. Perhaps the only concern I had about hiring Josh was that I hadn't seen a lot of personal references online and I was going off Patrick McKenzie's word on Twitter alone.

But it went well! I negotiated a $25,000 signing bonus.

I liked that working with Josh was very structured and that he kept on top of communication, nudging me often (but gently) in the right direction.

I would definitely recommend this to more engineers as Josh clearly had a lot of experience that he brings to the table.

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I wasn't sure how to effectively counteroffer. Before I hired Josh, I thought, "Why don't I just use his free email templates? I've watched all of his Youtube videos, what's the value add of actually working with him?"

It went great! It was very helpful to rehearse and bounce ideas off of someone else. I doubt I would have had the confidence to make a 20% counteroffer without walking through Josh's process with him. Josh provided excellent and thorough service, and I appreciated how organized he was. I was juggling a few different timelines, and Josh worked with me on each of the positions and gave me the language to help expedite the different timelines.

With Josh's help, I negotiated $5K more base salary, $5K more annual bonus, and the freedom to relocate. I know that I'm not leaving money on the table, and I'm confident to help friends negotiate their own job offers.

Julian Diaz, Software Engineer, Google

I had no experience with negotiating. I felt that Google had the upper hand since they have more data and I need the job more than they need me. I didn't know what to expect from the negotiation and was unsure how I would respond to my recruiter's questions.

The $3000 upfront fee was my biggest concern about hiring Josh. I was worried that maybe Google would be unwilling to negotiate or perhaps even rescind the offer and I would end up with nothing. I understand that this is extremely unlikely, but it was still a fear that I had.

Working with Josh went well! I ended up negotiating more equity (and it more than covered the coaching fee). Although Google was unable to budge as much as I expected, I know that I got the best possible offer. It was the first time I was able to increase my total compensation, so that's a big stepping stone as I know I have a long career ahead and will need to do this again at some point. I learned about negotiation strategy and how to handle this situation in the future. I also found that I learned more about the value I will bring to the company and what I'm valued within the market.

I liked that Josh viewed things from Google's perspective when deciding how to negotiate and what to ask for. I also liked that he was strategizing all along and was prepared for whatever scenarios could come up. I would definitely recommend Josh to other software engineers that have offers from tech companies.

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I didn't want to get too emotionally involved in the negotiation — not too confident, not too timid.

I wanted an objective third party who could act as a check on what I was seeing and suggest strategies that made sense for my situation.

For the price and the potential upside, it seemed like a no-brainer to me to hire Josh.

Having an experienced coach by my side was an important check on my emotional involvement in the deal. I learned a lot about negotiation strategy from Josh. Most of the time, my strategy was pretty close to what Josh suggested, but it was really informative to see him in action and understand the moves he'd make in the negotiation.

I negotiated for an additional $24,000 and large upside potential in bonuses, giving me a lot more certainty for our growing family.

I'd recommend working with Josh. He helps you get not only the best deal, but also the fairest one for all parties.

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I hired Josh because I didn't want to leave money on the table. Through working with him, I learned about salary ranges and levels and how to write a salary negotiation email.

I appreciated Josh's turnaround time, his clarity of explanations and justification for what we asked for in the negotiation, and the honesty of his services.

I negotiated a $10k sign-on bonus and $7k more in base salary. I feel it adds more credibility to my own worth — and I know I shouldn't use a number to justify my self-worth, but it helps :)

I'd recommend Josh's salary negotiation coaching because it's effective and he delivers results in an honest way. It was a pleasure working with him and I hope to do so again!

Tim E.

I liked talking to someone who's done a lot of hiring and negotiated a bunch on both sides. It gave me confidence I had my best opportunity of success. It also helped to have someone to talk to besides my partner (who is probably less knowledgeable than me about tech hiring so we can just stress each other out in these situations).

Letting them name the first number led to the company offering 2x what I currently make and negotiating quickly got them to add another $10k on top of it. I was looking for more flexibility in scheduling, which didn't happen, but I felt Josh gave me the best chance of realizing that if it were an option. Knowing I gave it my best, now I can let the job go and be more confident sticking to my values and commitments in future job searches and negotiations.

I would recommend hiring a salary coach in general to help people to make important decisions without putting as much stress on their families. I would recommend Josh primarily for people trying to boost their salary. I could see how Josh's methods would be very effective there — we were just doing something else.

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I felt I was on the high end of my bracket already with Google, and I wanted to make sure I could get at least as much in my negotiation with Apple.

Apple came in low with their original offer, so Josh helped me bring the offer up to a level that I could accept. We ended up negotiating $35,000 more in base salary, $300,000 more total equity (vesting over four years), and $25,000 more sign on bonus.

My past negotiations have honestly been terrible where I never felt like I had the upper hand. Josh's coaching gave me confidence in the negotiation process. Because I knew Josh had gone through this before, I knew I wasn't asking anything too crazy / offensive of Apple. I got to see first-hand how much I could press and I feel I did get the best offer I could from Apple.

Working with Josh was a fantastic experience. I appreciated his attentiveness, thoughtfulness, as well as his reassurances along the way. I felt it was a collaborative experience where he really was coaching. I got to see what Josh was thinking and why approaches were taken. It wasn't a complete "black box".

Josh's personal attention, collaborative nature, and coaching style is very approachable for anyone. Folks will learn a lot from working with him.

Ben, Software Engineer L4, Google

In the end, the most impactful thing Josh did was a line in a two-paragraph email that essentially said, "Instead of $211k per year, I want $250k." That doesn't seem like I paid for much!

However, there's a lot of things that went into that email. Where do we want to pressure them? Which dimensions do we want to go on? It was knowing the correct things to ask for (cash or equity), knowing the correct amount to ask for, and knowing how to come up with a narrative around why they should try to reach my number. That email wasn't just a number, it was a story.

I've set myself up for compounding increases in incoming cash by starting my Google salary and equity higher than I would have otherwise. I feel like I got the best deal that was available to me and I didn't leave anything on the table. If I hadn't hired Josh, I probably would be sitting here today still wondering, "Man, could I have easily bumped this by a bunch of more money?"

K.K., Software Engineer, Google

I reached out to Josh because I wanted to negotiate without the risk of getting an offer rescinded. There was some implicit “stranger danger” in hiring a random person on the internet with a website that could say anything in terms of reviews from others.

I gained meaningful experience in seeing how negotiations work across different companies (provided they're willing) as well as a review-able history to perform the same actions again. I am now less worried of negotiating for future opportunities.

In the end, I had successful negotiations with two companies (one of which was Google) to raise the offers past what was originally offered – $2000 more in salary at one and a $10,000 signing bonus at the other. I ended up happily accepting Google’s offer. 

Having Josh as a coach gave me reassurance after every engagement with a company that everything was going alright despite my own perceptions.

Having someone else there who's as dedicated to the result as you are of this uncommon occurrence of negotiating (especially someone who's seen many varied situations) is essential just so you aren't left to your own thoughts and methods.

Anonymous, Software Engineer

I had a lot of people tell me this would pay for itself in increased wages. I wasn't super concerned about working with Josh, though I was worried I'd end up pressured to "play hardball" more than I was comfortable with.

I found Josh was pleasant, easy to work with and got me lot of additional income in extra salary, bonus and equity.

My total compensation literally doubled as a direct result of this engagement. Beyond that, I negotiated $25k more total compensation and $15k more sign-on bonus. I'll have significantly more financial freedom after a few years at this job.

I've already started referring a few engineers I know Josh's way. Also, I owe a few beers to the people who recommended Josh to me :)

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My major concern was making sure I get the maximum compensation package that was available to me. Like other people, I want to feel that I am treated fairly. I wanted to be sure I wasn’t setting myself up for financial frustration and pity down the line.

Josh’s fees are on the high end of the spectrum. But my thought process going into our engagement was that learning the methodology was worth the fee, even more so than any increase in compensation I would get as a result.

Working with Josh, I successfully negotiated $100,000 more equity over the course of four years and feel like I achieved a very competitive level of compensation.

Most importantly for me, I learned how to communicate my financial asks and learned about the general process and methodology of salary negotiation. Things like not naming my price at all costs, going with a big counter offer afterwards, and negotiating the smaller details component by component at the end. I enjoyed Josh’s level of engagement manifested by his timely and detailed responses.

I’d recommend working with Josh. There is no reason to leave money on the table for the work one does.

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I was negotiating my salary “against” an old friend and I was worried I wouldn’t advocate strongly enough for my own interests. I wanted to avoid future regrets about having left money on the table.

I perceived the upfront cost of a strategy session with Josh as really high, especially due to the US dollar to Canadian dollar exchange rate. I was also worried the advice would be too generic, too geared to large companies, not informed about startup equity packages, and not relevant for Canadian companies and cultural norms.

I found the session very much exceeded my expectations. The advice I received was comprehensive and very precisely tuned to my situation. Josh listened carefully to all the relevant details and was able to answer all sorts of questions I had about the process. I received excellent strategic and tactical negotiation tips, all of which gave me a major infusion of confidence going into the final stretch.

I negotiated $5,000 more salary and came away with the confidence that I wasn't leaving money on the table. I’m going to be able to increase support for some causes I really care about and finally upgrade some furniture and other things in my apartment.

I wasn't expecting such insightful guidance on how to evaluate whether opportunity made good career sense, which I was concerned about. Josh’s suggested way of looking at it made the decision much easier and removed a lot of mental friction from the negotiation process.

Compared with other coaches I have worked with in the past, I found Josh to be extremely quick and sharp. My mind moves pretty fast, so I'm used to having to explain things a lot and slow down. I did not feel like I had to do that during our session, which was super refreshing. It also meant we were able to cover tons more ground than I was expecting. I felt like I got three hours of value out of that one-hour call.

I think for most regular job-hoppers, the idea of working with any kind of salary coach is a new concept. It's definitely something I would recommend after my experience. As Josh mentions in his book, there's just such a huge knowledge and power imbalance in this particular negotiation situation. Most of us don't realize how the other side is operating which puts us at a tremendous disadvantage. I would strongly recommend working with Josh specifically for salary negotiation coaching.

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I wanted help with salary negation because I thought that my previous negotiation techniques weren't getting me as far as they could. However, I worried I was already at the top of my pay range and couldn't expect much more.

Josh helped me successfully negotiate $40,000 more equity and a $5,000 signing bonus! This brings me a step closer to building a family safety net.

I would have probably gotten some of the increase on my own, but the negotiation techniques and email templates Josh provided helped me hone in on the best offer available. Thanks to his coaching, I also feel more confident in my future negotiations and in helping my partner with her upcoming salary negotiations.

What I liked most was Josh’s responsiveness. He answered my emails very quickly and was able to incorporate new information and pivot quickly as well.

I’d recommend working with Josh and will be sharing my experience with others!

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Although I was a bit hesitant about the upfront cost/investment of coaching, I hired Josh because I was concerned about leaving money on the table by not maximizing my earning potential.

As expected, Josh helped me get a better offer. I negotiated $8,000 more in the base salary, which directly increased my annual bonus payout target (as the percentage is tied to the base pay), plus $10,000 more in RSUs.

Having Josh as a coach meant that I had a like-minded individual on my side who is an advocate and has a rooting interest in my outcome. I was able to negotiate better and now have more of a process than I did before.

I appreciated the handholding, patience and advocacy Josh provided, as well as the phone calls, email responses, and documentation throughout the whole entire process.

I would 100%, absolutely, without a doubt recommend working with Josh!

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I was already very pleased with my initial offer. However, after listening to Josh’s excellent talks on multiple podcasts, I realized that he would say I should always negotiate, so I had to at least book a strategy call. The biggest concern I had was whether the call would be valuable enough.

It was incredibly valuable. Josh’s advice was spot on.

Working with Josh helped me boost my confidence. I really liked that Josh took time to listen to all my different input and offers to come up with a solid counter offer that made sense for both parties. Josh’s thought process for what number made the best sense given how difficult it is to break the $200k barrier was very helpful. We were able to come to a good counter to my initial offer, which the company almost met in terms of equity and sign-on bonus.

I negotiated for $5,000 more base salary, $50,000 more equity and a $10,000 signing bonus increase without having to do multiple rounds of countering. The salary bump was a big benefit towards paying down my house earlier. The biggest value to me was the feeling of confidence towards my value to the company and getting paid for what I can bring to the table.

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“Josh’s coaching service was a lot of money… It was worth far more than the cost.”

I didn’t really know how to negotiate well, so I reached out to Josh for coaching. I was already looking for a pay rise before this and had been stuck at $135k for a few years.

Josh’s coaching service was a lot of money. However, seeing Patrick McKenzie (aka Patio11) recommend him went a long way to assuaging my concerns.

It was worth far more than the cost. I think the company I was negotiating with was looking at hiring in the $175k range, but I was able to negotiate about $40k over and above that with Josh's help. With the bump in salary, I’ll be able to pay off our house loan faster and set us up for financial independence earlier than we expected.

The best part was having someone who had done this lots before as a steady hand to help me interpret what was happening. Josh also helped me build a mental model for how much the company wanted me. I learned so much about negotiation, especially which order to ask for different things (like getting travel details sorted before negotiating salary). I’m now much more comfortable with negotiating my salary in the future and have set myself up for a position of respect in my new job.

I actually hired Josh for a second time when I got my next job offer because I wasn't sure how to negotiate with a big tech company and how to counter regionalized salaries. Even with how great the result was the first time I hired him, I still had some hesitation around the price of the coaching, as it's quite a lot to pay.

We got another great result – I negotiated $50k more equity over four years and a $15k signing bonus.

Many people aren't very familiar with the idea of salary negotiation, let alone having someone else help you do it. It’s a pivotal moment in your career, so it’s worth paying for the best possible chance of getting top compensation. Even a small bump in your salary will easily pay for the salary negotiation coaching. If someone doesn't think that they could get the very best deal for themselves, there is probably money on the table that Josh can help pick up. I’d definitely recommend working with Josh.

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My lack of experience negotiating and being too biased by my own emotions led me to Josh.

I was negotiating more than one offer and I was overwhelmed when one of the recruiters used high-pressure tactics. In that moment, you can't believe how happy I was that Josh was there to back me up. He also helped me learn how to be concise and direct, which helped me negotiate better.

I negotiated an offer with Facebook with an additional $225,000 in equity, meaning I can save more money.

Working with Josh went super well! People like Josh are the ones that leave a trace on this world and he certainly left a trace in my life. I hope our paths cross again.

Josh J., Senior Software Engineer

I wondered whether $3,000 of additional compensation would be added to my offer, beyond what I could negotiate myself using the tips in Josh’s book.

The value added by working with Josh is clearly more than the cost of his service. I negotiated a higher compensation package with $8,000 in additional base salary. The company also set the expectation that I would be promoted (performance pending) within a year to a staff engineer position with a higher pay band ranging from $175,000 to $195,000.

Having someone with more experience walk me through the process has given me the confidence to do this on my own next time and be more aggressive than I would have been otherwise.

During our kick-off call, Josh said something to the effect of "I can't control how much money they will pay you, but we will definitely find out the maximum they are willing to pay you". I found that very compelling. I was able to learn the pay band of a staff engineer during the negotiation. Recruiters and employees made several other disclosures regarding market conditions in Los Angeles that were not obvious to me at the outset, including what a reasonable base salary is for a larger company and how competitive the market for software engineers is right now.

I’d recommend working with Josh. I'm unaware of any competitors with Josh’s reputation as a salary negotiation coach.

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I looked for salary negotiation coaching after I received an initial job offer that was significantly below anything acceptable to me. Josh’s pricing was significantly higher than anyone else, but it turned out to be just what I was looking for.

Josh gave me a comprehensive strategy for approaching the negotiation and support deploying this strategy through email and verbal communication. His responsiveness was really great during the process and probably one of the key reasons I'd recommend him.

With Josh’s advice, I negotiated $28,000 more salary and $30,000 more signing bonus.

I had a great experience working with Josh and would absolutely recommend him to others. Why? Speaking for myself, I am an Engineer and I am good at that. Salary negotiation is a skill that I do not possess and though I might be able to develop it, soliciting the help of an experienced professional gave me an ally with tremendous knowledge of the ins and outs of the process. It took the stress out of the process for me and gave me confidence that I would get the best out of the negotiation.

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Before working with Josh, I really didn't know how to infer anything meaningful from the information employers were sharing – like salary ranges – or how to do things like make a solid counter offer. The coaching service felt like a big investment initially, but as we talked through options, the numbers definitely made sense.

I felt super confident having a better framework for understanding the whole negotiation process. It was such a relief to have insight into how each step of the process would go, instead of blindly falling through it. In the back and forth of the final negotiation, Josh’s advice and scripts helped me stay on track.

Josh helped me counter more aggressively than I would have, while still being polite and reasonable. As a result, I was able to negotiate $10,000 more in salary and 20% more equity than I would have gotten otherwise.

The conversations I had with Josh helped me step back and ask better questions throughout the final stages of the interview – like getting at why the employer was asking me for certain things, rather than just responding with “yes” or “no”. I believe I’ve started on better footing with my new employer as a result.

I also now have a much clearer way to think about what the employer wants from a negotiation like this, which gives me useful insight into how they see the employee/employer relationship overall. I will feel more confident next time I have to negotiate, do a performance review, or ask for a raise.

I’d absolutely recommend Josh’s coaching to others. As an employee, you get way fewer opportunities to have salary negotiation conversations than the employer does. Leveling the playing field by tapping into Josh’s experience feels like a huge win.

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I sought out Josh’s service because I was concerned I wouldn’t be able to maximize my offer on my own or that a company that wanted me at a discount my might take advantage of me.

My main concern before engaging Josh was whether it would be worthwhile. What if the offer didn’t change? What if the change was so small I could have negotiated it on my own?

Everything went better than I expected. I’m used to asking for “more flexibility in salary” instead of Josh’s approach of countering an offer with a specific number. Being specific works a lot better. With Josh’s help, I negotiated $10,000 more salary on an offer I was willing to take – which turned a lateral move job offer into a raise. I believe the offer increased based on the self-promoting paragraph that Josh wrote about how my skills will help the company.

What I like most about the service is Josh’s diplomacy – he is more diplomatic than I ever could be in negotiating. I felt spurned by a company when they offered a lower title with a lower pay bracket. If I was negotiating on my own, I would have acted on that feeling and asked for a salary above that bracket to stick it to them, which would have soured negotiations. But Josh relaxed our counter offer knowing that the company was on the fence about me. He also provided me a well-written email to the company I turned down.

I’d recommend working with Josh as your salary negotiation coach. You need someone outside of your head to judge the situation and recommend the best next steps to get the best result.

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I was concerned about the price of the coaching relative to what I thought I was going to get out of it.

Josh helped me ask for a larger salary increase than I would have by myself. I got a $5,000 increase in starting salary – that alone more than paid for the cost of coaching. I felt like I was able to get close to what my current market value is. Josh also helped with non-salary items, helping me get a significant increase in stock options.

Because he’s very experienced, Josh provides a level-headed approach to negotiations. I like having a more objective party walk me through the process and game out scenarios. I also appreciated that Josh is clear in his communication and very responsive.

On top of helping me get a larger increase than I otherwise would have gotten, I now have some new moves and approaches for negotiating my compensation package in the future.

Placeholder image

I negotiated a $300,000 higher RSU grant, $20,000 higher base salary, and $20,000 higher signing bonus.

Working with Josh, I felt much more confident going into the negotiation because I knew what to expect and got some invaluable insight regarding how recruiters operate, what their motivations are, where wiggle room is more likely to exist, and what is likely to happen at each step.

I also appreciated learning how to word certain things (for example, how to deflect the salary expectations question, or how to express disappointment about a low initial offer) in a way that addresses all the key points effectively and helps steer the conversation towards a good outcome for both parties.

Josh will be my first call the next time I need to negotiate a job offer.

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Working with Josh was the best decision of my career so far. I felt like I had a secret weapon for job interviews and salary negotiation.

I was concerned about the cost of coaching, but I ended up getting two job offers that each paid nearly 20% above my old position. Now I'm considering buying a house in California.

I learned what I was missing during interviews and why I sometimes didn't get called back. Now I know how to get to the next level and get job offers by positioning myself as the ideal candidate in my interviews.

It was great having a professional coach in my corner, working with me on interviewing technique, reviewing all of my emails, and consulting on all of my decisions throughout the job search process and salary negotiation processes.

With Josh's help, I was able to maximize my job offers by using sound techniques and professionally-worded scripts to negotiate my salary. He typically works with Software Developers, but he helped me find a Mechanical Engineering job at a company where I have a lot of room to grow.

I would absolutely recommend working with Josh! He is very helpful, very easy to work with, and super responsive.

Caroline Carter

I wanted to maximize my earning potential in a sales role. I also had a complicated situation with vesting equity on the table, as well as some employer matches with regards to 401k and HSA accounts. Even if the package wasn't quite apples to apples, I wanted to make sure that, all in all, I was coming out ahead.

I wasn't sure how effective the coaching would be or if the salary bump in the final offer would be worth it.

I imagined that there would be some assistance drafting emails or practicing phone calls with the potential employer. I was pleasantly surprised at not only how easy it was to work with Josh, but how much I learned along the way. I felt I doubly benefitted from the service not only on the end result, but also because I now better understand how to look at different parts of an offer and pick apart where there might be the most leverage to negotiate. Seeing the way Josh analyzed the base vs. commission vs. signing bonus pieces was helpful because we were able to better guess where there might be negotiation room from the get-go.

Josh was super responsive during what can be such a rapid-fire process. I felt like I was in good hands and could say and do the right things. The rapid nature of the negotiating didn't get me to cave on my original counter negotiation price. I think the part that was most helpful was the template Josh provided that indicated what to say if they came back with a certain offer. This really took the pressure out of messing up the phone call and optimized for the best outcome.

I ended up negotiating $10,000 more salary, a $5,000 signing bonus, and a more flexible start date. This outcome meant that I could take a risk in my career (instead of staying put in a job with no growth) without leaving money on the table or taking a step back financially. Increasing the base salary also meant more guaranteed income for me this year and in future years.

It's clear Josh has done this song and dance many times before and could really anticipate what would transpire. I felt like I was working with an expert and that I could therefore confidently go into the negotiation process. I can't wait to recommend Josh to friends and to work with him again in the future. He’s wonderful to work with!

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I was worried about how to deal with the expected salary question, which led me to do a strategy session with Josh. My main concern was whether the session would deliver a return on investment.

It turned out to be a good investment! With Josh’s help, I negotiated an offer with Google for $7,000 higher salary, a $10,000 signing bonus, and $24,000 in equity, which was an offer I was able to accept comfortably.

What I liked most about the strategy session was getting clear, firm answers to questions. Working with Josh helped increased my confidence in the negotiation process. I also benefited from the PDF materials that were included, especially the email templates.

I recommend working with Josh. His services are a good investment, particularly for young professionals.

Placeholder image

The coaching fee initially seemed high, but Salary Negotiation Coaching was a great investment that improved my base salary by $15,000.

Josh's prompt communication was a huge factor in making me feel like my concerns were addressed, and our work helped me feel more confident about presenting a counter offer.

Many of my friends in tech are not very assertive in negotiating and working with Josh will allow them to have more direct and productive conversations about salary.

Placeholder image

I negotiated $8,000 more salary, and I can confidently walk through the door on my first day knowing that my employer values me and that I am an asset to the company.

Josh has a passion for his craft and is not out just to "get another client." I could see this from our very first free introduction call, where he clearly had my best interest in mind.

He had a genuine interest in trying to help me reach my salary goals, and offered one-on-one attention throughout the process.

I found out what the market median was for my current skill set and experience. I also learned why it's important to negotiate your salary and how it affects your figure income and raises.

I negotiated my salary salary in a way that was not offensive, rude, or egotistical. And had the confidence to remain poised and confident as the negotiation moved from email to phone.

Salary Negotiation Coaching is one of the best investments you can make for yourself, your career, and one of the best things you can do to help close the pay gap.

Haripriya A.

I wanted professional assistance for salary negotiation and reached out to Josh. With Josh's help, I improved my job offer by 10.5% plus an additional $5,000 in stock and a nice signing bonus.

I was hopeful that my job offer was negotiable, and I just needed professional help to navigate the process. I'm thankful I made the right decision to work with Josh!

I didn't have to wait for his replies to my questions because he was always available and highly responsive throughout my negotiation process.

His team-oriented approach to coaching combined with his experience as a hiring manager made it extremely easy to work with him to get a great result.

He made every effort to listen to everything I had to say and asked lots of questions before we worked together so we had a strong foundation to start from. He patiently explained exactly how the process works, came up with a strategy for my specific situation, and explained the tradeoffs of the different choices we made along the way. We even practiced my negotiation with a mock negotiation call, which was extremely useful!

I'm very glad that I got Josh's help and I'm excited about a new start.

I'm extremely thankful for the terrific support you provided throughout the process. Thanks for being a great coach!

Placeholder image

I negotiated a $5,000 base salary increase, a $5,000 sign-on bonus and a 9:45–4:00 work schedule.

I signed up for a strategy session when I had an offer in hand to strategize about. I was initially focused on increasing my base but I realized through the process that work-life balance and a shorter commute were more important to me. So I negotiated in a way that would give me more work-life balance.

I appreciated having someone to discuss negotiation strategies with and someone to get feedback on what I was thinking. And our conversations made me more confident in the negotiation process and more realistic about what I could achieve from the situation.

I recommend working with Josh as a Salary Negotiation Coach because he has more experience negotiating salary and it helps to get expert insight into how to best negotiate a particular outcome.

Placeholder image

I improved my job offer by nearly $16,000 by working with Josh. I also gained a lot of reassurance in the process and he helped me fine-tune specific points as I planned my negotiation.

It’s rare to be able to consult on salary and hiring practices with someone who has experience as a hiring manager.

For someone who’s relatively-high salary and has multiple job offers with multiple components, I highly recommend working with Josh as a salary negotiation coach.

Placeholder image

Josh's coaching paid for itself many times over in a 3-minute conversation with HR, where I earned another $6,000 in base salary and a $3,000 incentive bonus!

Josh helped me gain confidence in my strengths as a candidate, and helped me interpret the thinking behind the offer that was made. He also helped me get comfortable with the idea of having the discussion about negotiating the salary, including specific numbers to work with based on the unique details of my situation.

I realized that they really wanted me as a candidate and the HR representative seemed eager to try and sell me on the full offer package.

The negotiation felt very natural and wasn't nearly as confrontational as I initially feared.

I think many people who have never done a negotiation would benefit from having a helpful coach.

I'll be reinvesting the additional salary I earned into the tuition for an Executive Education program to gain even more earning power. Without that extra pad, I would have been more difficult for me to allocate the budget I need for the tuition fees.

Thank you, thank you, thank you again!

Nick Cianci, Ruby on Rails Software Developer

For a small amount of money I was able to speak to Josh about my situation. With his help, I was able to gain $2K in base salary. All I needed to do was send an email and make a phone call.

I had three offers and one of them was through a recruiting agency. I had never been in this situation and didn't know how to deal with a pushy recruiter and waiting to fully explore my other offers. Josh has valuable knowledge and experience and was able to give me advice tailored to my specific situation when I didn't know what to do.

He gave me really valuable advice and simplified the negotiation situation for me. Just follow his negotiation strategy and you will definitely raise your salary or receive better benefits.

For a small amount of money I was able to speak to Josh about my situation. With his help, I was able to gain $2K in base salary. All I needed to do was send an email and make a phone call. Just follow the process and you will get a better offer!

Here are some other highlights from our strategy session:

  1. We did a mock negotiation to practice different scenarios.
  2. We discussed a precise plan of action to get the best offer for my situation.
  3. Josh helped me to realize that I held much more power in my situation. It costs companies a great deal of money to get to the point of giving someone an offer. They will work with you if they are a company that is worth working for.

Josh has a lot of great experience that really became valuable during the negotiation process. The benefits I received from this experience absolutely outweighed the cost of the strategy sessions!

I'm more excited to begin my new job because they were willing to negotiate, giving me confidence that they value me as an employee. It feels good to get a win-win result for everyone.

Ilya Krasnov, Software Engineer

The salary increase alone was worth much more than the initial investment.

I read Fearless Salary Negotiation and wanted to work with Josh on my positioning as a software developer so I could get further in my job interviews. The first hour of preparation for my interview was so much more than just reading a book or watching a video because I could ask questions and get immediate feedback in real-time.

Josh is very approachable and easy to reach. All our encounters provided concrete insights—the session to refine my positioning, strategy emails, and feedback on my CV—and he was there to help every step of the way through my interviews and salary negotiation.

Some salary negotiation concepts are counterintuitive, and it was important for me to hear them and talk them through with Josh so they really set in. Working with Josh reassured me that I was in control and totally prepared for my live interview.

The positioning work we did enabled me to land a new job, which opened up an opportunity to dive into new technologies and languages, work with experienced colleagues, and contribute to new projects in a way I was not able to at my previous job.

Besides all the benefits described above the salary increase alone was worth much more than the initial investment.

Placeholder image

A small investment, compared to what I had to lose.

It was really helpful to have someone to talk with and get different perspectives and to suggest and improve responses throughout my negotiations. And Josh's responses were always very fast, which is huge during salary negotiations!

Josh offered the right mix of understanding and encouragement while pushing me to keep going to get the best result possible.

Emily Kaneff, Software Developer

The extra $6,000 helped me afford my dream apartment in a safe, well-kept area where my family can rest easy.

I ended up getting the job, and I was able to negotiate from them an extra $6,000! I definitely wouldn't have been able to do that without Josh's help!

The extra $6,000 helped me afford my dream apartment in a safe, well-kept area where my family can rest easy. It's an apartment that impresses and that I enjoy coming home to!

Not only that, but I am less worried about when my student loan payments need to start being paid back because I know I have enough to make my payments.

Natalie M., Manager of Administration and Finance

At first it seemed pricey, but it was absolutely worth it.

It was a breeze scheduling my strategy session with Josh. And it gave me a sense of confidence I've never had before when going into both a job interview and negotiation process. We were able to touch on everything from very small, specific questions I had, to large questions that have implications on my overall career and reputation.

Three great benefits of my strategy session were:

  1. Josh validated some of the decisions I've made up to this point.
  2. Josh empowered me to be able to make my own decisions about the negotiation process when it comes.
  3. Josh didn't sugar coat his feedback to me when I answered a practice interview question, which was great.

I'd strongly recommend working with Josh. I'm glad I did so relatively early on in my career so I can apply what I learned throughout my career. That being said, I'm confident that even the most seasoned professional could stand to learn something from a session with him.

Placeholder image

I would highly recommend Josh as a salary negotiation coach because has the knowledge and experience of what it takes to maximize your salary and total compensation.

I was expecting job offers from Amazon and Tesla, and I wanted to be confident I got the best offer from each company so I could make the right decision. I considered just handling it myself, but decided I would rather work with an experienced coach and expert with whom I could discuss all aspects of the positions and corresponding offers.

What a great decision!

Approachable, knowledgeable, available

Josh is very approachable and knowledgeable about the entire process and was able to provide possible next steps that were very accurate. He made himself available for calls and was very quick responding to emails with thorough, specific guidance on what to write or say at each stage in the negotiations. He was there to answer even the smallest of questions.

Josh took time to research specific questions related to both positions and the intricacies of the salary and total compensation discussions for both companies. The offers I got were very different offers, and he took the time to break them down into components so we could negotiate effectively and do an apples-to-apples comparison so I could make the best decision.

A great investment

I would highly recommend Josh as a salary negotiation coach because has the knowledge and experience of what it takes to maximize your salary and total compensation. He is also highly approachable and made himself available on very short notice.

Josh added value by making me confident when performing salary negotiations and showing me how to take the right steps in the process. He was professional and honest during the entire process.

This was a great investment.

S. L., Google Site Reliability Engineer

Josh prepared me for every call and every email during my salary negotiation. His help repositioning and rephrasing emails not only helped with this negotiation, but helped me see how rephrasing an email can paint it in a much different light.

I had an opportunity to move to Europe as a Google Site Reliability Engineer (SRE) and I knew I should negotiate, but wasn't sure exactly how to do it.

I'm glad I worked with Josh. Now I have greater confidence to negotiate other job offers in the future, and I found that it's possible to ask for more and go further than I'm used to.

Shawn Tuckett, Vice President of Sales and Service

With research and a good plan, I got a $17,000 raise! Now I know I'm valued and I can finally stop worrying about whether I was underpaid.

This coaching isn’t cheap, and I already owned Fearless Salary Negotiation, so I knew the process to ask for a raise. But even though I knew I should be paid more and I knew the process, I kept running into road blocks with my boss.

I wanted help for my specific situation, and I needed a push to make a plan and see it through, so I decided to give this coaching a try.

What a great decision! Josh helped me formulate a solid plan, and he gave me quick feedback as we talked through different scenarios and possible outcomes so I knew exactly what to expect and how to react.

The extra income helped me start a second business and begin a remodel on our home. It has also made it easier for my wife to take time off of work and spend time at home with our new baby.

I recommend this coaching because salary negotiations are important, and going it alone is risky when you can have expert guidance on your side.

Placeholder image

Thanks to Josh's inspiration, last month was my 1 year in my current job and I just negotiated a 20% bump in my base salary!

Eric Macam

Josh’s advice helped me land a better job and a bigger salary with more benefits than I even thought possible.

Shannon Long

I applied Josh's salary negotiation method and got a much better job where I'm paid what I'm worth. In less than a week, I interviewed for and negotiated a new job with a base salary increase of $15,000!

Acree M.

Taking control of that process and successfully negotiating a great salary affirmed my worth as a professional and spoke volumes about how valuable I am to my company.

I was happy working as a freelance copywriter when an enticing opportunity came along to work for a small company full-time. But in order to turn away all of my clients, which was a big risk, the opportunity and salary had to be just right.

I reached out to Josh for help negotiating the job offer, and his salary negotiation coaching gave me confidence during a tedious and nerve-wracking process. He helped remind me of what I was worth as a candidate and gave me the words to keep from settling for my minimal acceptable salary.

I feel really empowered as a woman every time I negotiate because I’ve read the statistics about women negotiating. Taking control of that process and successfully negotiating a great salary affirmed my worth as a professional and spoke volumes about how valuable I am to my company.

The extra income allowed my husband and me to get help with things like housekeeping so we can spend more quality time together on the weekends. We have also been able to save up for luxuries like a trip to Italy, and necessities like a new car.

In the end, I was blown away by my company's final offer. It promises to keep me satisfied in my new job for a long time.

Bob Gregor, Coding BootCamp Instructor

The extra 17% base salary I negotiated allowed me to save up a cash reserve so I had greater peace of mind.

I had concerns about the value of this sort of coaching, but I quickly found that Josh has thought through all of the processes and has great insight to something that’s very important and that I seldom do.

By working with him, I negotiated an additional 17% in base salary, gained confidence in my negotiating ability, and immediately improved my career trajectory.

I definitely recommend working with Josh to negotiate your salary.

Fearless Salary Negotiation

If my salary negotiation coaching offering isn’t a good fit for you, Fearless Salary Negotiation is a detailed summary of the strategy and tactics I use to coach my clients who improve their salaries by thousands of dollars on average.

If you’re looking for a DIY salary negotiation option, Fearless Salary Negotiation is for you.

Learn more: Fearless Salary Negotiation

Jared Allen, Senior Software Developer

I made an additional $8,000 in base salary and landed a better job thanks to the interview and salary negotiation strategies I learned from Fearless Salary Negotiation! Now I can do more boring things like save for retirement, and fun things like travel more.

Justin Abrahms, Senior Software Engineer

Thanks to Fearless Salary Negotiation, I was able to earn another $11,000 with a single email. This is the most valuable email I've ever sent, and I wouldn't have sent it if it wasn't for Fearless Salary Negotiation.

Shannon Long

Fearless Salary Negotiation gave me the confidence to navigate between two offers with pressing timelines, resulting in a competitive salary and challenging work.

Dan Brothers

I would have left a lot of money on the table without this book.

Josh C.

Using techniques from Fearless Salary Negotiation—along with the included email templates and worksheets—I accepted a new job after getting my salary increased by $20K from the original offer along with an extra week of vacation! I had the confidence to go in with a strong negotiating position based on the knowledge I gained from the book.

John Miller, Financial Advisor

Fearless Salary Negotiation provides a thoughtful salary negotiation and market research framework. I used it to negotiate $10,000 more in base salary at a new firm.

Holly Stewart

Fearless Salary Negotiation was my go-to guide while interviewing with multiple companies. It gave me the confidence I needed to nail my interviews and land a high paying job on the best possible terms. Without it, I would not have known what to expect from various interviews and recruiters. I can't wait to use it for a promotion or a raise!

Placeholder image

Thanks to the ideas and strategies in Fearless Salary Negotiation, I was able to negotiate a $13,000 per year raise. You would be foolish to not invest in this resource. The ROI is ludicrous.

Placeholder image

I agonized for days over whether or not to negotiate. Then finally just decided to bite the bullet and use your template. Three hours later I got a better offer with another $4k added!

D.O., CTO in the fintech space

Using the excellent techniques in Fearless Salary Negotiation, I was able to push one offer up £18,000, increased my equity and negotiated a better work/life balance as I now work full time from home.

Just wanted to let you know that since we last spoke I ended up with a choice of two offers from similarly sized companies for the role of CTO. Using your excellent techniques I was able to push one offer up £18,000, increased my equity, and negotiated a better work/life balance as I now work full time from home. I also managed to negotiate a 10% lump sum salary bonus at the end of year 1 based on some goals we both agreed.

The greatest value I got from your book was to always set a minimum value so walking away is much easier, never disclose my number first and automatically request 20% more than their first offer while remaining polite and reiterating my value.

Interestingly, I actually went with the offer that was less salary due to their hunger to hire me and transparency during the negotiation. Cash is the gift that keeps on giving as you say, however in this instance there was a value on the culture and transparency of your potential employer that was worth a small sacrifice in my opinion.

With Fearless Salary Negotiation, I was able to choose the job that provides the best work/life balance and negotiate a higher salary at that job.

Placeholder image

My new job is paying me 15% more than what they initially offered!

For the first time in my professional career I countered a job offer. And it worked! My new job is paying me 15% more than what they initially offered!

The experience has changed how I think about my career. Now I see that there are possibilities to earn and do more beyond what a particular company is willing to offer me at any particular time.

I honestly don't think I would have ever attempted this without having read Fearless Salary Negotiation.

Placeholder image

Because of Fearless Salary Negotiation I got an extra $25,000 in salary...which means it could be realistic for my family to stay here instead of having to move somewhere cheaper.

I purchased Fearless Salary Negotiation several weeks ago a day before my call with the recruiter to start the salary negotiation for a job with a new company. I followed the steps as closely as possible.

Their first offer was $10,000 above my "reach goal" which I had not disclosed. I countered twice and ended up getting an extra $15,000 on top of their first offer. Because of Fearless Salary Negotiation I got an extra $25,000 in salary and doubled my stock grant.

Now I can consider buying a house in the Bay Area within the next two years, which means it could be realistic for my family to stay here instead of having to move somewhere cheaper.

Matt Wood, retired US Army Sergeant First Class, Assistant Construction Superintendent

Fearless Salary Negotiation helped me pick up $10,000 that I almost left on the table. Now I'm not concerned about the cost of relocating.

In the short time I've had Fearless Salary Negotiation it has been incredible.

I used the tips provided in the example counteroffer letter, and they came back the next day with a revised offer that matched the salary I was asking for. Not just the minimum acceptable salary, but the salary I wanted.

The additional $10,000 in salary gives me and my family more comfort and less stress as we relocate to a new area after my retirement from the Army. I'll be able to maintain a lifestyle close to what I'm currently living, and reduce the monetary concerns I had.

If I hadn't been able to negotiate this higher salary, I would have had to turn the original offer down and continue looking for a job that would pay me closer to what I needed.

Jason Voegele, Senior Software Engineer

My wife and I will use the additional $6,000 I negotiated to go to Hawaii for our 10th anniversary this year.

With the tactics in Fearless Salary Negotiation I negotiated an additional $6,000 on my starting salary at my new job as a Senior Software Engineer. And all of my future salary increases will all be relative to this higher starting salary, so I am likely to receive larger raises from here on out.

Josh Thompson

They came back with an almost $25,000 per year raise, which was way more than I would have even imagined would have happened.

I got a promotion at work, but when I asked about a raise attached to it, didn’t get a clear answer. So, I set up a quick meeting with our head of HR, and using Josh’s framework for finding a range of salaries for similar roles at other companies, I just presented that to our HR director. I even said “I know the role I fill differs from the exact roles associated with these salaries, so I’m eager for your insight and direction on how to make sure that I’m at market rates for the work I’m doing.”

I made a case for how projects I’ve worked on and accomplished showed outsized impact in the work I was doing, and pretty much copied Josh’s email scripts word for word. I never even explicitly asked for a raise - I just discussed “total compensation”, and “market rates for the work I’m doing”.

After a week or two of discussing internally, they came back with an almost $25,000 per year raise, which was way more than I would have even imagined would have happened.

All thanks to Josh and the framework he gave me. So, the ROI of his book, in my life, is something like 428,000%.

Aaron Batilo

I used the Fearless Salary Negotiation strategy for negotiating an offer and went from $95,000 with a title of Software Engineer 1 to $105,000 with a title of Software Engineer 2. Now I can pay off my student loans and buy a house more quickly.

Six months later, I did it again! This time, I one-upped that by turning a $125,000 offer to a $145,000 offer.

That's $30,000 in additional salary thanks to this truly wonderful resource.

Jeremy, Front End Web Developer

I just landed a new remote position with a significantly higher salary than I was making before.

I talked with several companies, growing as a developer and learning from each new opportunity. As I encountered new questions, I was able to use Josh’s techniques to give better and better answers and portray myself as the front end software developer they were looking for.

I used a lot of the advice I have read in Josh's newsletter, on the Interview Cheat Sheet, and in his Kalzumeus podcast episode, and in the positioning material—how I could provide value to the company, how I could become effective the day I started—that got companies fired up about me the most.

Once I got this offer, I even used his lowball salary negotiation technique to significantly improve it. Thank you from my two kids, my fiancee, and I 🙂

Placeholder image

I accepted an offer and was able to negotiate an increase in base salary of $4k, an extra week of vacation, and a change in title.

Their original offer was right at my walk away number so I consider this to be a pretty favourable outcome. I can also leverage the change in job title for upwards movement in the future.

The template you offered really helped. Thank you so much!

Placeholder image

I used the Fearless Salary Negotiation email templates to get another $5,000!

Placeholder image

I want to thank you for your strategy! Using your methods I was able to negotiate a $20k base pay increase with a 20% annual performance bonus! Awesome!

Placeholder image

Using the counter offer template along with the Essential Salary Negotiation Email Pack, I negotiated an additional $24,000.

I asked for 15% more base and $100 more car allowance. I got 10% more base and the additional allowance, plus up to 10% bonus review at years end on base salary.

Placeholder image

Your tactics helped a ton and I was able to get a 6.3% increase in pay! I only wish I had asked for what your website told me and not a smaller amount that I asked for.

Placeholder image

The Fearless Salary Negotiation email templates worked! I used them to negotiate $23,000 above my previous salary!

Placeholder image

I bought Fearless Salary Negotiation and applied the scripts to get a new job with a 15% increase in salary along with an extra week of vacation.

A colleague of mine who I recommended the book to was able to negotiate a similar increase in pay for a new role in addition to a 12% signing bonus.

Your book is the only book I would recommend for salary negotiations. My favorite tip was having a script with the exact figures and responses handy during the negotiation over the phone. I used the Notes app on my phone while my buddy used a handwritten version. For my next salary negotiation I'll definitely be hiring you because it has a near guaranteed ROI.

Placeholder image

Used your tips and got 22% higher salary! Thank you!

Sarah M., Web Developer

Thanks so much for the email templates! They helped me figure out what my goal was: to not leave money on the table!

As I negotiated, I almost felt bad pushing, but then I realized that was my goal: to not leave money on the table.

Thanks to your "Ask for Time to Consider a Job Offer" Template, I knew to ask for time to consider their offer.

Then I used your "Low-Ball Offer" Template to pull their offer up before negotiating. When I finally sent a counter offer, they replied with a heart-felt reply about how 'over-the-top it was'.

They said I had already overshot their original max when they upped the lowball offer. Then I realized that I had made my goal: to find their max so I didn't leave any money on the table.

It was fun negotiating up from their original lowball offer and I was thrilled that they improved their initial offer by 25%. Thanks to your other "Counter Offer" templates, I know to make sure I ask more details about perks and benefits and negotiate those too.

Thanks for all the help your emails have been! I now understand better why negotiating happens.

Placeholder image

We used the information to get my wife an additional $7,000 in salary using your counter offer emails.

I used the materials earlier today to help counter a job offer for my wife. We used the information to get her an additional $7,000 in salary using your counter offer emails. She’s one happy camper tonight with the additional salary that we negotiated.

Thank you. I look forward to using the materials to increase my salary moving forward.


Thanks for the tools! They were a success for me! I got an $8,000 pay increase over their original offer!

Placeholder image

My offer improved by $7,500! And, my employer told me that this showed a side of me that makes them even more excited to have me on their team! :)

Once you get over the initial fear of negotiating, it’s empowering (and potentially thrilling) to negotiate for your job and ultimately your family!

Your email templates made it possible for me to hit the “send” button!

Placeholder image

I was able to negotiate up from an original offer for a contract position at $30/hr (about $62,000/yr) with no benefits to a direct-hire Senior Chemist position paying $76,000/year plus overtime.

I must thank you for the email templates. I am not your typical client, but I have been able to use many of your templates during my job search and they have been very helpful.

I have had to decline a few offers, respond to a low-ball offer, and negotiate an offer while another offer was on the table--all using advise from your articles and email templates.

I will recommend your help to friends!

Placeholder image

The money I spent on your book was the best ROI on anything I've bought. :)

I just used your counter offer email template to negotiate for a new job, which was only the second time in my life I have negotiated an offer.

I got an increase of $11k for my offer after negotiation, which is $6k more than I expected them to renegotiate to. I literally would never have asked for that much if you hadn't insisted on a minimum 10% ask in your book.

I'm honestly shocked that it worked. And the recruiter told me how great it was to have a list of all the reasons why I deserve more, so that they could send it to the appropriate people to get everything approved.

Thanks for helping me get a great salary! The money I spent on your book was the best ROI on anything I've bought. :)

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I wanted to say thank you for your help. I used your suggestions and as a result, my offer was increased by $3,500. It also helped me negotiate extra vacation time and a flex work week.

Mark Girgis, Federal Contracts Manager

Your book helped me negotiate an additional $10k to my salary offer!

Hi Josh,

I wanted to take the opportunity to thank you!

Last year, I transitioned from the Marine Corps after 21 years of service. I was seeking my first corporate job and had no idea what to expect in terms of salary negotiations and was also concerned whether or not I'd receive an offer that truly valued my experience as a leader and my skills as a Federal Contracts Manager.

Your book not only helped me with expectations during my transition, but it also contributed to a $10k salary increase when I received my first offer letter, plus an additional $2k sign on bonus. And it didn't stop there! Because I was able to negotiate what I felt was a reasonable salary at the time, I've since moved on to another opportunity where an offer was made higher than my original salary and it was because the company knew that they wanted to hire me and I wouldn't take anything less than what I was already making. But don't worry...........I never revealed my salary during negotiations. Your book taught me how to play cat & mouse in a way where I leveraged the opportunity to my advantage and succeeded in not only getting the job I wanted, but also being paid fairly for it.

I have been recommending your book to all of my fellow Veterans who are in the midst of making the same transition that I did. When asked, "what was the best advice you received during your transition", my reply is always to read Fearless Salary Negotiation.

Thank you,

Placeholder image

Just wanted to say thank you for the resources you provide with respect to salary negotiation.

I've been a software engineer for just over 10 years now, and despite changing employers 5 times, my current move was the only one where I did any negotiating. I just didn't know any better before now.

Thanks to your insight, I was able to negotiate a low-ball offer (less than I was currently making) up 27%! I didn't give a number first (which I'm sure was the reason for the low-ball), but politely asked for a reset.

I possibly still left some money on the table, but they came up above my minimum number, and didn't reduce equity at all to do so. I'll absolutely be recommending you to everyone I know that is looking to make a move!

Thanks again,

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The process worked like magic.

I recently negotiated a new job offer that I consider way above what they offered me first. It’s a software engineering management position, and initially I was offered 160k+ with no sign on bonus. But I followed your guide I negotiated to 180k+ with 20k+ sign on bonus. That’s a nice 42k increase, or over 25% more than what they provided first.

I’m not trying to negotiate just to be greedy and get more, but to negotiate a compensation that I can work hard without distraction thinking I’m underpaid for the hard work.

And your guide played a key role. I followed the exact process you outlined—ask recruiter to wait, write a convincing counter offer email, and prepare a negotiation script before talking on the phone—and it worked like magic.

Placeholder image

I used your approach and negotiated my base salary up $25k and my relocation bonus an additional $10k. Thanks so much!!

Placeholder image

I wanted to briefly say thank you for your resources on Fearless Salary Negotiation.

It was a tremendous help to me in my executive compensation package which was already pretty impressive.

I didn't accept the initial offer as tempting as it was. I countered with the worksheet. Even though I countered and didn't get my counter, I was able to get an additional $5k added to my base by simply asking.

That $5k has the potential for another $3.5K in additional performance compensation which is almost $8.5-9k more dollars.

It matters. Thanks for helping take some of the emotion and fear of losing it all out of the process when you get to this stage of the negotiation.

Placeholder image

I have read through the first four chapters of Fearless Salary Negotiation thoroughly. It helped me a lot with understanding the salaries and the game behind it. Utilizing the strategies and email templates, I successfully landed a 10% raise in the total compensation I got!

Placeholder image

I purchased the Complete Bundle of Fearless Salary Negotiation in preparation for a job search. This weekend I got an offer from a company I liked. I got a $5,000 increase in my starting salary by asking! While you have other customers with more spectacular success stories, I am very pleased with a $5,000 increase.

Placeholder image

I want to thank you for the advice in Fearless Salary Negotiation! If I would not have taken your advice I would have left $20,000.00 on the table!

Placeholder image

I had a vague idea that I was underpaid when I was first hired last year. Even though I found Josh's free information helpful, I was desperate and wasn't as aggressive as I wanted to be during that negotiation process because I just moved to a new city and was running out of cash.

I started my job search again and I decided to purchase Josh's $49 book and templates for Fearless Salary Negotiation, which I've been eyeing for a year.

It's the best $49 I ever spent.

I calculated my market value and found out that I was being paid the lowest range ($45k) for an entry-level private accounting position, even though I had 2-3 years of prior accounting experience. Thanks to Josh's book, I now know for sure I am not entry level anymore and worth a whole lot more. I became more confident in applying for senior positions 1-2 levels above where I am now and asking for a raise. I thought I could get $65k with my skill and experience, maybe $70k if I pushed a bit more.

In an interview for an accounting manager position (2 levels above my current title), the hiring manager asked me my desired salary range. I told him I wasn't willing to give the first number and that he would have to give me an offer first for me to consider. He reworded his question and asked, "how much salary would you need to get a mortgage to buy the condo that you want?" since we discussed earlier in the conversation what my goals were. I said $70k, adding I wasn't desperate to change because I loved where I worked and would only switch jobs if my employer couldn't match his offer.

I wasn't sure if it was a good idea to give him a number, but the next day, I was surprised that rather than offer me what I asked for, he actually went UP and offered me $80k. My current employer could only match $70k, so I'll be leaving my job for the new one. I can't believe it, but thanks to Josh's strategy and system of salary negotiation, I just got a $35k raise (77% more) over what I make now!!!! :)

Placeholder image

I gave Fearless Salary Negotiation to my sister. She’s not a SWE, but still works in tech companies and goes through a similar interviewing process. She just started her new job today with a $50k raise over her last salary, ~$25k of that was unexpected / negotiated. Thanks, as always!

Thanks, as always!

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Hi Josh,

I'm writing to say thank you for your work. I first found out about your work through an article linked from the Software Lead Weekly newsletter. Earlier this month, I purchased your Complete Bundle. It was well worth the investment. I negotiated a new job offer up $15,000 from the initial offer -- but most importantly, because I had learned from your curriculum not to disclose what I currently made or wanted to make, I suspect that the initial offer that I received was significantly higher on its own than it might otherwise have been.


Placeholder image

Just wanted to send you a line and thank you for your book. It helped me negotiate an extra $10K into a recent offer. So now I'm making more than ever, moving out of a dead-end job, and continuing to advance my career. The techniques and approaches you provided were incredibly useful.

Placeholder image

It worked! And Quickly at that!!!! I am so happy I purchased your complete set. I utilized the market value, the worksheet for my aggression factor! I countered and was able to secure a base increase of another 2.5% and a sign on bonus of 7% of base pay. I was so ready for the final discussion that I truly feel that is what made it go so well. What a wonderful tool, I will definitely be recommending so many people to utilize your book and materials!

Salary Negotiation Crash Course

Countering their offer isn’t a ‘one-email deal.’ The people who are most successful at negotiating their job offers understood that it’s a multi-step process, depending on how the company responds.

(My clients have used this exact process and these exact templates to negotiate $7,000 more, $8,000 more, and even $24,000 more.)

And in the Salary Negotiation Crash Course, you’ll get all the scripts, worksheets, and tools you need to counter their offer effectively.

Learn more: Salary Negotiation Crash Course

Jesse DuMond

I just wanted to let you know I just wrapped up a negotiation that netted me $20K. I based my negotiation on your templates and guidelines. This is the best money I've ever spent.

Thanks so much!

Placeholder image

I sent the first email template and then got an extra 2k base salary. I was hyperventilating waiting for the results, but it was the easiest 2k I ever made.

Amy Utley, Field Sales Engineer

I almost talked myself out of negotiating. I was staring at a job offer in my email inbox that was higher than I expected. I was excited and flattered, but my gut said that taking the first offer would leave money on the table.

Since the offer was already above what I anticipated, I needed a good way to structure my counteroffer so that it didn't sound baseless or purely greedy. I already got some insight from reading Josh's article about "re-selling" myself in a counteroffer email. I hoped getting the email templates would give me more ideas. I decided to upgrade to the Complete Bundle of Fearless Salary Negotiation since it includes information about getting a raise (which I figured would come in handy and likely more than pay for itself in the next year or so).

The most helpful thing about the Crash Course was having exact word-for-word scripts at each step of the process. I didn't have to fumble for words or spend hours scouring the Internet for "the right thing to say". It was all there and the scripts gave me the confidence to ask for way more than I would have otherwise.

I used the email templates from the course to successfully negotiate an offer $12,000 higher than my original offer (an increase of about 10%). The total package represents a 30% increase over my current compensation! I'm ecstatic and extremely grateful for the valuable information that Josh provided to help me get an amazing result.

Going through the process of negotiation made me confront my insecurities and realize that I do bring highly valuable skills to the table. I found having to brainstorm and then write out the reasons I'm a great fit for this position — and thus deserve a higher salary — was a key benefit I got from the course. It made me 100% more confident that I am a great fit and that I will contribute a lot to this team. Getting a positive response to my counteroffer confirmed that.

What was particularly interesting about the results I saw was that it was an internal transfer between two separate business units within a large company — meaning the hiring manager actually knew my current salary down to the dollar. I expected that to limit my ability to negotiate, but focusing on the value I would bring to his team and not my current salary was the right strategy. It worked!

Oliver Nolte, Inside Sales Rep

I am so fired up! The Salary Negotiation Crash Course totally worked!

I work as an inside sales rep and I was offered $22/hour to move to a comparable job at a competitor. After asking for a couple of days to review and then using the Standard Counter Offer Email Template to counter with $27/hour, they came back with $24.50.

This represents $7,000 more annually than they were offering initially for a 50 hour week!

Big win, thank you, The Salary Negotiation Crash Course totally worked!

Placeholder image

As one who had not really ever negotiated my salary (certainly not successfully) before, I was able to increase the original offer by $9,000 (12%).

I'm looking forward to using that money initially to increase my retirement savings, pay off some debts and then to add even more to my retirement accounts.

Thanks again for creating a wonderful resource!

Placeholder image

I was indeed able to net a better offer letter: $13k base salary increase over my current salary, $20k annual bonus, and 10k company shares.

The Salary Negotiation Crash Course was truly helpful! I wanted to share my excitement and appreciation.


I just wanted to say thanks for putting your content out there. I used a modified version of your salary negotiation template today and received a fully accepted counter offer! A $6000 increase from their original offer!


Placeholder image

I got an extra $6k in salary and a signing bonus of $6k. Very happy with the outcome.

Placeholder image

I wanted to thank you for creating The Salary Negotiation Crash Course. I was shocked when I got a 12% increase and a monthly public transportation allowance, which is exactly what I wanted. I honestly was already happy with the initial offer but am so lucky to have found your course! This was the best investment I've ever made so far!

Placeholder image

I am glad to have found your quick salary negotiation tool kit; it was well worth it.

I would’ve left several thousand on the table without it. I researched my market value and made the appropriate counteroffers utilizing some of your email templates. At the end of the day, I made two counter offers that resulted in an additional $20k per annum. This gets me in the range where I should be based on my CV and associated job role duties.

Placeholder image

I used your method step-by-step, used your counter-offer email template and - WOW! They came back with an extra $10K (13%). I'm blown away and just wanted to say a huge THANK YOU. I am going to recommend your website to all my friends.

Placeholder image

I found the crash course at the perfect time because I was just about to start a salary negotiation after a long internal interview process. I work for a tech company and the offer was a little complex.

Since this was an internal promotion, I was not sure how hard to push and may have let things like company loyalty or the fact that I would be working directly with the recruiter to build out my team if hired affect my choice to counter.

I looked at a lot of salary negotiation materials and I’ll tell you where this process stands out:

  • Focusing on base salary and not losing sight of that compared to things “in the future”.
  • Calculating the aggression factor. Other material tells you to be aggressive but doesn’t give you tactical ideas to simplify the process. The Salary Negotiation Crash Course really spelled it out clearly in a way that was easy to conceptualize and act on.
  • The standard counter template was a godsend.

When I got my first offer, I knew it was above average based on my research. I made a counter based on my aggression factor and put it in the template. The next day, I closed the offer in a quick call. In fact, the hiring manager respected that I countered because I was being hired into a sales role and it showed my business acumen.

In the end, I had a 25x return on my investment of $97 — thanks Josh!

Placeholder image

I just used your email templates to get an increase of $11k for my offer after negotiation. I'm honestly shocked that it worked!

The $11k increase was $6k more than I expected them to renegotiate to. And the recruiter told me how great it was to have a list of all the reasons why I deserve more, so that they could send it to the appropriate people to get everything approved.

Thanks for helping me get a great salary!

Placeholder image

Just wanted to tell you that I used the template and I start my new job today with a $5,000 higher salary than was initially offered. Thank you for making it so easy. One email was all it took.

Thank you!!

Placeholder image

I wanted to take the time to say, “Thank you”, for the counteroffer email template. I received an initial offer from a company for $125K. Using your template, I counter-offered with $145K. We settled on $135K, with the potential for an increase in 90 days based on performance!

Without your template, I would not have had the words to effectively demonstrate my value, nor the knowledge to effectively craft my counter-offer. Thank you so much!!


Placeholder image

Thank you for the email resources! I just accepted a job in the non-profit industry. I was expecting a serious pay cut coming from the engineering world, but I was able to use your email templates and website to negotiate an additional $15,000 in base salary and a $3,000 relocation bonus! I worked on my counter email all weekend and the team thanked me for "a very thoughtful response" before accepting my counter offer! Thank you so much, I can't wait to start my new job!

Placeholder image

By buying time and using your lowball offer email template, I have just got a $5k raise to my starting salary.

So happy.


Get Your Next Raise

If you know you’re underpaid and want to get a raise at your current job, Get Your Next Raise is exactly what you need. it’s a comprehensive course with clear instructions, specific action items, accountability, and direct feedback from me as you build your case and ask for a raise.

If 1-on-1 coaching isn’t feasible for you right now, this is my unique process for getting a raise delivered in a personal, self-paced course to help you get your next raise.

Learn more: Get Your Next Raise

John Li, Senior Android Engineer, Twitter

I’ve used the skills and techniques I learned in this course again and again over the last four years. It’s been a huge part of reaching where I am today—earning 400% more in total compensation than when I first took the course.

When I first started the course, I was earning $75k. I wanted a raise, but didn’t know where to start. Josh’s course walked me through a simple process to prepare my case and ask for a raise. Each lesson had specific action items for me to make steady progress, and I got feedback on my work plus great answers to my questions every step of the way.

Since taking the course, I’ve negotiated several compensation increases ranging between $15k and $40k/year at different companies. At one role, negotiating helped me reach $210k/year in total compensation, which was the top-of-band salary and stock offered. Most recently, I negotiated for an extra $40k in RSUs before accepting an offer with Twitter.

Josh's course has helped me practice and get comfortable with salary negotiation and it has really changed my life for the better. I needed a push and a process, and this course gave me both.

Thai, Senior Software Engineer

I wasn’t sure if the value was there but now that I’ve taken it I can say that EVERYONE should take this course.

I wanted to make sure I wasn’t leaving money on the table and that I knew what my manager and company were looking for to give me a raise. This course taught me exactly what I needed to know, and Josh gave great answers to all of my questions about my specific situation.

Now I know that preparing for a raise is not difficult or overwhelming with the right guidance and the systemic process I learned in this course.

Placeholder image

My employer adjusted my comp today to $160k. So $123k to $160k = $37k raise overnight.

So thank you for creating Get Your Next Raise. Obviously I brought the goods in terms of bringing value to my employer. But, when I saw Get Your Next Raise it immediately made sense how it would improve how I communicate that value. All I needed to do was follow the plan, and see what they had to say.

It felt particularly empowering to have everything prepared in advance. I smiled inside when my manager asked me to send her an email with evidence to support my request, and I already had it queued up and ready to go. Also, doing market research was valuable so that I wasn’t just basing my request on what I want or think I’m worth, but that I was actually in line with the same numbers they would see in their own research.

Also, I can’t be certain of this, but I’m pretty confident that the raise they would have given me as part of the normal review cycle is nowhere near what I got by making the request and backing it up.

Get Your Next Raise was easy to follow, and like I said, it made sense to me. I spent less than two hours doing the work to prepare everything. That’s an insane return :)

Best of all, I feel valued and respected not just by the individuals within the organization (which I’ve always felt), but also by the organization itself. I’m really looking forward to growing my contributions there... especially now that I have a system for recording and communicating the value I bring.

Thank you again.

How to get promoted in 7 days

If you’ve had your eye on a promotion, but you’re not sure how to talk to your manager about it, this course is for you!

You’ll get all the tools you need and step-by-step instructions to finally get the promotion you deserve.

Learn more: How to get promoted in 7 days

Placeholder image

I just want to thank you for your guidance throughout this process! I have been putting off asking for a promotion for at least a year now and I have read so many different articles with advice, but your writing really spoke to me and encouraged me to just go for it. You provided so much clarity and really simplified this process for those of us who really don't know where to begin.

I asked for a promotion yesterday and I got great feedback. My manager was actually so happy to hear of my interest in career growth (something I have pretty much avoided talking about altogether), and said she agrees that it is deserved and that she's going to do whatever she can to help make it happen. So for now, the hard part is done and the end goal is in sight. :)

I can't thank you enough!

Public Speaking—Talks, Seminars, Webinars

I’m available for talks, seminars, and webinars to teach your students how to ace their interviews and negotiate the best possible job offer without leaving anything on the table.

Message me on LinkedIn to laern more: Josh Doody on LinkedIn

Robbie Ouzts, Georgia Institute of Technology Graduate Career & Co-op Advisor

Josh's talk is one of the best I have heard on salary negotiation, and our students gave him rave reviews! He is a dynamic speaker, with clear ideas that students can easily remember and apply as a student and continue to apply his negotiation principals as a professional.

His talk was just before our Fall Career Fair and provided some great information that many students have already used. Just today a student came by the office and wanted to reconfirm salary ranges. The student said, “I am already using some of Josh’s tips because I anticipate an offer on Wednesday.”

Josh spoke to our students about how to estimate their market value, stand out in their job interviews, get offers and negotiate their starting salary! Josh stressed preparation and practice for interviews, illustrated ways to find “your real market value” and understand your value before starting the interview process. Josh then provided his step-by-step process to avoid “giving the first number” and rationale behind his negotiation tactics. He also reminded students to look at the overall package considering other items other than salary.

Josh has so much credibility as an engineer, recruiter and entrepreneur. The student audience appreciated his personal story of how as a new graduate he failed to negotiate his first salaries, learned from his mistakes, recovered and doubled his salary in three years! Josh‘s story provided evidence that application of the Fearless Salary Negotiation steps work. It also assured the student audience that lessons would be learned along their career path.

Josh was generous with his time after his presentation and spent over 1.5 hours answering individual student questions. He provided some customized advice for individual questions that was direct and gave students tips they can immediately apply as well as some ideas to navigate the negotiation process. The talk, once again, was one of the best I have heard on negotiation!

I would recommend him as a speaker and coach! Josh’s ability to connect with the audience and provide great information is amazing. He adds value because he is willing to go the extra mile after the presentation answering individual questions.

As confirmation of Josh’s work, we plan to bring Josh back for our spring graduate student signature event the Career, Research, and Innovation Development Conference (CRIDC).

Joel Parker, Academic Advisor, University of Florida College of Engineering

The University of Florida's Career Showcase was the week after Josh's talk, and a number of students were able to translate Josh’s strategies into successful interviews.

The University of Florida Career Showcase was a week away, and Josh spoke to my Engineering students on how to excel in their job interviews. The students were incredibly engaged, eager to find out strategies for interviewing.

He spoke on a pertinent topic for my students with clarity, a wealth of knowledge and enthusiasm. He was able to simplify complex ideas and present them in a manner that was easy for the student to remember and implement.

Students often comment that they are pursuing engineering to help people, and Josh is a perfect example of how to do this.

I will bring Josh in again next year, and I have recommended him to the University of Florida College of Engineering to help all of our Gator Engineers excel in their job intervies.

I believe Josh’s speaking abilities along with his knowledge and preparation would make him adept at any speaking engagement.


Here are some very kind folks’ thoughts on Fearless Salary Negotiation.

Josh Kaufman

Salary negotiation doesn't have to be scary - it's a skill you can learn, practice, and improve. Read Fearless Salary Negotiation, take notes, then follow Josh Doody's step-by-step negotiation process. Your future self will thank you.

Josh Kaufman

You should buy Fearless Salary Negotiation.

Placeholder image

Hello Josh,

I know this email is a bit out of the blue, as I've actually never spoken to you before, but I just felt compelled to reach out to you and say thank you so much. For what, you ask? For providing amazing, free content.

I'm not in a position right now to hire you for your services, but I read every email you send out and have to say that every one is worthwhile. You to a great job providing quality content!

Because of your emails, I had the courage to ask my boss for a raise. I was the lowest paid developer on staff (63,000) and I knew my work was worth much more. So I made my case, and when my boss asked what I wanted raised to, I told him I wanted 100% of the mid market value for my position. A couple weeks later, I got notification that a raise was approved for the amount I asked for, which was a 23% increase! I followed all of your advice to the letter, and it really paid off.

So thank you so much for being awesome. This is the only mailing list I have ever been glad to be on ☺️.

Placeholder image

Just shooting you a note to say thank you for the short email course that I flew thru yesterday. After receiving 3 offers, I sent a counteroffer to my top choice and went thru the final offer blog post on your site. All-in-all, I negotiated an additional $5,000. I've now sent your site along to a good number of my soon-to-be old coworkers.

Placeholder image

I found the guidance and confidence I needed to have my first successful salary negotiation! I only wish I started reading earlier, before I had to enter my "minimum required salary" on the application form. I'm still glad I got more than 6k more than the minimum salary I indicated.

Placeholder image

Thanks for your salary negotiation website! I used your advice to prepare for interviews with my dream job, and was able to negotiate a $10k raise and revise a heavy-handed non-compete clause with a single email! Having a great plan to follow made such a big difference in this process, and I'll definitely be referring friends to you in the future. :)

Placeholder image

Hi Josh,

I wanted to let you know, your email template helped me land a job. I was a small business owner for past 6 years and since last year was on the downfall and Covid 19 was the final nail. I started applying for jobs because I have business line of credit loan and office building construction loan. Getting this job was necessary.

I started applying for jobs and had an interview last week. I got an offer on Monday which was 20k below my expected range. I was not sure how to respond back, so I googled for counter offer letter and your link came up. Using your template and modifying it to suit me, I was able to get 22k more than what they offered. I start my new job next week.

So from the bottom of my heart THANK YOU. You are providing a great service.

Placeholder image

I wanted to reach out to just say thanks - even being on your listserv and reading some of these anecdotes galvanized me to ask for more and get it. $115k base + no bonus + 500 RSU turned into $140k base + $15k bonus + $5k relo + 500 RSU. Big move for me, and has changed my perspective on my worth, getting what I ask for, and bullishness going forward.

Take care!

Placeholder image

I found your email template online for salary negotiations. I used the template to frame an email in a recent negotiation, and I just wanted to share some positive feedback to you and your team - it worked!

Although it wasn't life changing money, I was able to negotiate an extra $3k into my base. The template was easy to use, and I was able to tailor it to make it my own.

Just wanted to say thanks, and best wishes.

Placeholder image

Your great insight allowed me to negotiate a job offer for an increase of $7,000 after countering.

Thank you so much,

Placeholder image

I researched how to make a counter offer and your suggestions with a calculator came up. I had been working as a temp contractor at a Big Pharma company through an agency for a little over a year. The current manager posted the position I was in internally, and I applied. Now, while working temp, I had a pretty substantial hourly rate but no benefits and no pay for vacation. My manager made it obvious that she wanted me for the position.

I had been in communication with their HR person and was given an offer for me to consider over the weekend. I chose to follow your "Counter High" principle based on the initial offer, calculation of how much the offer was, how much they wanted you, and how much you needed the job. I used your counteroffer calculated number when I spoke to HR again yesterday. IT WORKED!! 😊

I knew my worth and years of experience for the role. I knew having moved to California, my family and I needed a substantial amount to navigate this new place due to cost of living being here. Long story short, I counteroffered $12,000 more than what they offered and we met right in the middle for salary and they gave a $5000 signing bonus!!

Thanks providing helpful information. Truly helpful.