I reached out to Josh for coaching because I was unsure of what the potential ceiling was, and was concerned I had low balled myself when the recruiter initially asked about my salary expectations. My concern about hiring him was potentially being too aggressive and having the offer rescinded.

The outcome was fantastic! I felt Josh had my best interest in mind throughout the entire process, and he got me almost back to the initial counter. I had no idea we could get the bump that we did. I negotiated $14k more in base salary, $32k in year 1 bonus, $50k in year 2 bonus, and 500 more RSUs.

Working with Josh was great. He is very professional and timely. He did not hesitate to make himself available and he did a nice job of outlining the potential next steps.

I would recommend anyone to work with Josh when negotiating salary. It is extremely helpful to have someone familiar with the process who knows how to maneuver.