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Fearless Salary Negotiation Products to help you get paid what you're worth

Salary Negotiation Mastery

You’ve earned a solid job offer, now let’s make sure you get paid exactly what you deserve.

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Salary Negotiation Mastery

Get Your Next Raise

Based on my experience as a hiring manager, I will show you exactly how to determine what you should be paid so you know what to ask for, and you'll learn how to demonstrate that you deserve a raise based on the valuable work you do.

I will show you how to make sure you have everything you need to talk to your manager about your raise, how to schedule that meeting, and how to put everything in writing after you talk so it's easy for your manager to approve your request and pass it along to the higher-ups.

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Get Your Next Raise

The Book Bundle

Fearless Salary Negotiation is your ultimate guide to tactfully negotiating your job offer without leaving anything on the table... and so much more! You'll also learn how to estimate your market value, ace your job interviews, and get raises and promotions when you're ready!

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The Fearless Salary Negotiation Book Bundle

Success Stories

I just used your email templates to get an increase of $11k for my offer after negotiation. I’m honestly shocked that it worked!


I wanted to reach out to just say thanks - even being on your listserv and reading some of these anecdotes galvanized me to ask for more and get it. $115k base + no bonus + 500 RSU turned into $140k base + $15k bonus + $5k relo + 500 RSU. Big move for me, and has changed my perspective on my worth, getting what I ask for, and bullishness going forward.

Take care!


Product Manager

My daughter and I took words and verbiage from two or three of the letter samples to make her counter offer just right for her situation. They came back with another $5,000 per year! She has accepted.

Thank you for your help,


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Are you looking at an offer letter wondering, "How am I supposed to negotiate this?" My salary negotiation service can help you negotiate a higher offer. (I’ve helped Software Engineers at Facebook, Apple, Amazon, Microsoft, Google, and more.)

Salary Negotiation Coaching

Counter offer calculator and email script

Struggling to calculate your counter offer? This calculator and email script will help. You can also read a free chapter on how to negotiate your salary counter-offer from my book.


Salary Negotiation Script

Use this script to maximize your starting salary and benefits. This is the real salary negotiation script that I use during my salary negotiations. You’ll also learn my recommended steps to take after receiving a verbal job offer from a hiring manager.


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Negotiating a job offer soon? I'll help!

I'm Josh Doody, a professional salary negotiation coach who helps High Earners negotiate their job offers. On average, High Earners improve their first-year compensation by $47,273 with my help.

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