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Proven salary negotiation strategies and tactics

Salary negotiation can be intimidating. There’s a lot on the line and every situation is unique. Plus, there are so many questions that it can feel overwhelming.

Should you negotiate your starting salary? Is it possible to get a win-win result without leaving anything on the table?

How much should you counter offer? How do you counter offer? When?

What if the company retracts your job offer because you negotiate?

Should you disclose your salary requirements during your job interviews? How do you know what to say in your interviews?

How do you ask for a raise? When should you ask for a raise? What salary should you ask for?

It can be easy to just throw your hands up in frustration and skip the salary negotiation altogether, but then you could be leaving tens of thousands of dollars on the table.

Get 7 email templates to respond to a job offer

How do you respond when you get a job offer? These 7 email templates make it easy to respond to any job opportunity:

  • Ask for time to consider a job offer
  • Counter offer a reasonable job offer
  • Counter offer a lowball job offer
  • Decline a job offer
  • Accept a job offer

The most common salary negotiation mistake? Not negotiating at all.

Ashley was interviewing for a new consulting opportunity at a software company. Her old company was going through a significant reorganization, and she was looking for a new opportunity in a more stable working environment. She was even willing to accept a lateral move in pay to get out of the old company and into a new one. She wasn't planning to negotiate if they made her an offer that matched her current salary.

We scheduled a time to talk and I asked her some questions:

  • "What is your market value?" Quite a bit higher than her current pay.
  • "How do you stack up against other consultants in your industry?" She was one of the most experienced consultants in the industry.
  • "How badly does this new company need your expertise?" They desperately needed her specific skillset and experience.

She was in a very strong negotiating position, but didn't even plan to negotiate if they could meet her current salary! With a little bit of coaching, she decided to negotiate rather than accepting a lateral move. The result? She made an additional $15,000 in base salary by negotiating her job offer.

This simple method will earn you thousands of dollars

The best part? You can use this method over and over throughout your career when you change jobs and you can use it at your current job. It's easy and repeatable.

If you could negotiate a $5,000 increase, you would make $5,000 more that first year. And you would make $5,000 the next year, and the next year, and the next year. Over 20 years, that $5,000 salary increase would be worth more than $100,000. That’s a lot of money to leave on the table out of frustration or fear.

Josh Kaufman

Salary negotiation doesn't have to be scary - it's a skill you can learn, practice, and improve. Read Fearless Salary Negotiation, take notes, then follow Josh Doody's step-by-step negotiation process. Your future self will thank you.

Table of Contents

  • About the author
  • Introduction
  • How to get the most out of this book
  • Part 1: Understanding your market value
  • A few fundamental concepts
  • Chapter 1. How companies manage their salary structures
  • Chapter 2. How to estimate your market value
  • Part 2: Getting paid what you’re worth when changing companies
  • Leveraging your best opportunity to significantly increase your salary
  • Chapter 3. How to ace your next interview
  • Chapter 4. How to negotiate your new salary
  • Chapter 5. How to leave a job on the best possible terms
  • Part 3: Getting paid what you’re worth within your current company
  • Do you have to quit your job to get a big raise?
  • Chapter 6. How to get your next promotion
  • Chapter 7. How to get your next raise

Get paid what you're worth with these essential salary negotiation tools

Fearless Salary Negotiation book cover

Fearless Salary Negotiation is your step-by-step guide to getting paid what you're worth throughout your career.

If you're changing jobs, this is your playbook for acing interviews, getting the strongest job offer possible, and maximizing your starting salary.

If you're staying put, this is your guide to building the best case for your next raise or promotion by looking at things from a manager's perspective.

The PDF is 200 pages. You'll also get ePub and mobi versions so you can read it on your favorite mobile device or e-reader.


Salary Negotiation Worksheet

You get 4 detailed worksheets to help you implement everything you learn.

  • Build your case for your next raise or promotion
  • Estimate the market value of your skillset and experience
  • Navigate the entire salary negotiation process

Email templates

Salary Negotiation Email Templates

Eighteen email templates taken from real-world examples to make communicating with recruiters, hiring managers, and bosses easy.

  • Following up throughout the interview process
  • Delivering your counteroffer in a salary negotiation
  • Requesting your next raise or promotion
  • Ask for time to consider your job offer
  • Counter a lowball job offer
  • Decline a job offer—not a good fit
  • Decline a job offer—accepted another position
  • Accept a job offer
  • Accept a job offer with start-date constraints
  • Ask for a raise and promotion
  • Ask to discussion compensation in your next 1-on-1
  • Schedule a one-off meeting to talk about your compensation
  • Follow up on your raise request
  • Ask for a specific action plan to get a raise

Video courses

How to negotiate your starting salary thumbnail

Nearly three hours of professional-quality screencasts to help you learn more efficiently and retain more of what you learn. These five video courses illustrate the key concepts from the book.

You can watch these self-paced video courses any time. Each lesson outlines the concepts clearly and provides specific action items for you.

The Interview Cheat Sheet

Interview Cheat Sheet thumbnail

Be totally prepared for every job interview with this simple, printable, two-page PDF.

  • What to look for when researching a company
  • How to respond when they ask for your current or desired salary
  • How to answer almost any interview question
  • Common types of questions you should expect
  • Questions you should ask when you get the chance
  • Checklists so you don't forget anything before your interview

Case studies

Case Studies thumbnail

You get 3 detailed case studies from readers who earned more by putting the Fearless Salary Negotiation strategies to use.

  1. Kevin disclosed his current and desired salaries early in the interview process, then later realized his stated desired salary was too low.
  2. Ashley was prepared to accept a lateral move to a new company, but realized she underestimated her market value.
  3. Jason was reticent to negotiate an already-strong job offer. He didn’t want to look greedy or ungrateful.

Expert interviews

Expert Interviews thumbnail

Video interviews of a real-life résumé review and a deep-dive discussion on how positioning can help you get more job offers by standing out from other candidates.

You get 2 expert interviews with me and Eric Normand.

  1. Résumé review—Learn how to get more interview opportunities as we walk through a real-life résumé for an experienced software developer.
  2. How to use positioning to get more job offers—Get more job offers using the strategy and tactics to help you differentiate yourself from other similar candidates.

60-minute Strategy Session—$500 value

I'll reach out right away to schedule our call where you'll get expert guidance to help you with your most pressing career concerns. Common topics for my strategy sessions are:

  • Mock interviews Need to work on your interviewing skills? I can help!
  • Positioning strategy I will show you how to differentiate yourself from other candidates in your interviews
  • Salary negotiation strategy Not sure how to respond to your job offer? I'll give you a clear plan to get the best compensation package
  • Raise and promotion strategy I'll help you put a plan together for your next raise or promotion

Common questions and answers about Fearless Salary Negotiation

Will Fearless Salary Negotiation work for me?

Yes. Whether you’re an experienced executive or a recent college grad looking for your first full-time job, Fearless Salary Negotiation will help you negotiate a higher salary.

Josh C. is a Senior Business Development Executive and Harrison is a recent college grad:

Josh C.

Using techniques from Fearless Salary Negotiation—along with the included email templates and worksheets—I accepted a new job after getting my salary increased by $20K from the original offer along with an extra week of vacation! I had the confidence to go in with a strong negotiating position based on the knowledge I gained from the book.

Shannon Long

Fearless Salary Negotiation gave me the confidence to navigate between two offers with pressing timelines, resulting in a competitive salary and challenging work.

What if I don’t need Fearless Salary Negotiation right now?

Remember that example above where you negotiated $5,000 more in base salary and that added up to more than $100,000 over the next 20 years of your career? If you wait just one year, then that same $5,000 is only worth $95,000 over the next 20 years. Wait two years and that same $5,000 increase is only worth $90,000 over the next 20 years. The sooner you start getting paid what you're worth, the more money you will make over the course of your career.

I don’t have time for this right now.

That’s not a question! But I’ll answer it anyway. ;) You can read Fearless Salary Negotiation cover to cover in about 4 hours on a Sunday afternoon. I'll even send you short emails with one key takeaway from each chapter so you get the highlights if you can't start reading right away. The courses are about three hours total, so you could easily knock those out on Sunday afternoon. I don’t like fluff, so Fearless Salary Negotiation is a lean guide full of tactics and light on fluff.

Justin didn’t even read the whole book—he just skimmed two chapters—and he made another $11,000.

Justin Abrahms, Senior Software Engineer

Thanks to Fearless Salary Negotiation, I was able to earn another $11,000 with a single email. This is the most valuable email I've ever sent, and I wouldn't have sent it if it wasn't for Fearless Salary Negotiation.

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Get started with Fearless Salary Negotiation

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  • 22 Email Templates
  • 5 Video Courses
  • Interview Cheat Sheet
  • 3 Case Studies
  • 2 Expert Interviews
  • Mastering Business Email
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  • 1-hour Strategy Call
  • Fearless Salary Negotiation PDF, ePub, and mobi
  • 4 Worksheets
  • 7 Email Templates
  • 5 Video Courses
  • Interview Cheat Sheet
  • 3 Case Studies
  • 2 Expert Interviews
  • Mastering Business Email
  • Get Started

Happy Customer Guarantee
plus lifetime updates

You're protected by the Happy Customer Guarantee: If you’re not happy with the book, courses, or your strategy session, reach out any time and I’ll refund your money.

That’s it—there’s no fine print. I know how valuable Fearless Salary Negotiation is and I know you’ll find it valuable.

You own the book and courses—I don’t use DRM or limit the number of devices you can use—and you will own them forever.

Plus I'll email you to let you know when I update the book or courses for the lifetime of the product.

How I became a salary negotiation coach

Josh Doody headshotI'm Josh Doody, a professional salary negotiation coach who helps Software Developers get more job offers and negotiate higher salaries. On average, the Software Developers I work with improve their job offers by $16,360.

I didn't negotiate my salary at my first few jobs, but quickly realized I had left a lot of money on the table. I began negotiating and I doubled my salary in three years.

Now I use everything I learned from my own experience to help others make tens of thousands more dollars negotiating with Google, Apple, Facebook, Amazon, Tesla, @WalmartLabs, Zillow, Kimberly-Clark, Bloomberg, Red Hat, Verizon, IBM, Microsoft, and other companies you've heard of.

You can learn my strategy and tactics with my book, Fearless Salary Negotiation: A step-by-step guide to getting paid what you're worth.

Eric Macam

Josh’s advice helped me land a better job and a bigger salary with more benefits than I even thought possible.

PS The sooner you start negotiating your salary like a pro, the sooner you'll get paid what you're worth

Fearless Salary Negotiation will teach you skills you can use over and over throughout your career, earning more money every time, so this is one of the best investments you’ll ever make.

Ready to get started? Click here to choose the bundle that’s best for you.