I found the crash course at the perfect time because I was just about to start a salary negotiation after a long internal interview process. I work for a tech company and the offer was a little complex.

Since this was an internal promotion, I was not sure how hard to push and may have let things like company loyalty or the fact that I would be working directly with the recruiter to build out my team if hired affect my choice to counter.

I looked at a lot of salary negotiation materials and I’ll tell you where this process stands out:

When I got my first offer, I knew it was above average based on my research. I made a counter based on my aggression factor and put it in the template. The next day, I closed the offer in a quick call. In fact, the hiring manager respected that I countered because I was being hired into a sales role and it showed my business acumen.

In the end, I had a 25x return on my investment of $97 — thanks Josh!