Thank you for the email resources! I just accepted a job in the non-profit industry. I was expecting a serious pay cut coming from the engineering world, but I was able to use your email templates and website to negotiate an additional $15,000 in base salary and a $3,000 relocation bonus! I worked on my counter email all weekend and the team thanked me for “a very thoughtful response” before accepting my counter offer!

And three years later, I used the same resources to get great results again! I’ve just accepted a new job offer (my third job!) and re reviewed your website and negotiation strategies. I negotiated an additional $15,000 above the low end of the posted salary range, which was $5,000 above the high end of the “could not budge” posted salary range.

My new manager again cited the counteroffer email specifically as very helpful for bringing my counter to the CEO and getting approval to go beyond the budgeted salary range.

Thank you so much!