*Thanks so much for the email templates! They helped me figure out what my goal was: to not leave money on the table!**

As I negotiated, I almost felt bad pushing, but then I realized that was my goal: to not leave money on the table.

Thanks to your “Ask for Time to Consider a Job Offer” Template, I knew to ask for time to consider their offer.

Then I used your “Low-Ball Offer” Template to pull their offer up before negotiating. When I finally sent a counter offer, they replied with a heart-felt reply about how ‘over-the-top it was’.

They said I had already overshot their original max when they upped the lowball offer. Then I realized that I had made my goal: to find their max so I didn’t leave any money on the table.

It was fun negotiating up from their original lowball offer and I was thrilled that they improved their initial offer by 25%. Thanks to your other “Counter Offer” templates, I know to make sure I ask more details about perks and benefits and negotiate those too.

Thanks for all the help your emails have been! I now understand better why negotiating happens.