Fearless Salary Negotiation helped me pick up $10,000 that I almost left on the table. Now I’m not concerned about the cost of relocating.

In the short time I’ve had Fearless Salary Negotiation it has been incredible.

I used the tips provided in the example counteroffer letter, and they came back the next day with a revised offer that matched the salary I was asking for. Not just the minimum acceptable salary, but the salary I wanted.

The additional $10,000 in salary gives me and my family more comfort and less stress as we relocate to a new area after my retirement from the Army. I’ll be able to maintain a lifestyle close to what I’m currently living, and reduce the monetary concerns I had.

If I hadn’t been able to negotiate this higher salary, I would have had to turn the original offer down and continue looking for a job that would pay me closer to what I needed.