I have next to zero experience negotiating. In general, I had very little hesitation in hiring Josh. His online presence (Twitter, website, podcasts he was a guest on) made me pretty sure he knows what he’s doing.

Working with Josh went splendidly. I negotiated €9.600 more base compensation, €10.000 signing bonus and €11.600 more equity. The best part was definitely getting a pre-written counter offer. I would not have known how to formulate and focus on the value I am bringing to AWS half as well as Josh did.

It was very good for my nerves to have a voice of reason telling me that it was most likely a good thing when it took a bit longer to get a response and to not worry about the time a reaction takes. Knowing that Josh has never seen an offer being pulled for negotiating also made me much more comfortable with asking for more.

It was great working with Josh and I will definitely recommend him and/or hire him again. Most Software Engineers I know are not negotiating people. Starting a new job and negotiating significant sums is high stakes and a good place to spend money on professional help. I would not go to court over 100K without a lawyer so I feel pretty confident about paying a coach for negotiating salary at that range.