Physicians at the beginning of their careers may need assistance in negotiating, as many of us have no experience with negotiating. Residency and fellowship frequently have set salaries with set benefits, and there is often absolutely nothing we can negotiate. So because our first job offer maybe be siginficantly higher than our residency or fellowship pay, many of us just take the initial offer, accidentally undervaluing ourselves (like I did at the job I am leaving).

With my most recent job offer, I decided to negotiate my contract to get what I actually wanted, rather than immediately accepting the initial offer.

Working with Josh was great because of the confidence it gave me in the negotiation process to ask for what I wanted and not second-guess myself.

I negotiated for less weekend call—25 call shifts in my initial offer down to 15 call shifts—which gives me more free time with my baby and family, and a better work-life balance.