I was already very pleased with my initial offer. However, after listening to Josh’s excellent talks on multiple podcasts, I realized that he would say I should always negotiate, so I had to at least book a strategy call. The biggest concern I had was whether the call would be valuable enough.

It was incredibly valuable. Josh’s advice was spot on.

Working with Josh helped me boost my confidence. I really liked that Josh took time to listen to all my different input and offers to come up with a solid counter offer that made sense for both parties. Josh’s thought process for what number made the best sense given how difficult it is to break the $200k barrier was very helpful. We were able to come to a good counter to my initial offer, which the company almost met in terms of equity and sign-on bonus.

I negotiated for $5,000 more base salary, $50,000 more equity and a $10,000 signing bonus increase without having to do multiple rounds of countering. The salary bump was a big benefit towards paying down my house earlier. The biggest value to me was the feeling of confidence towards my value to the company and getting paid for what I can bring to the table.