With the monetary value and several other complexities to the offer, I wanted to make sure I was positioning myself in the best way to take full advantage of it. Not only did Josh come highly recommended, I was confident from having done my own negotiations in the past and reading through the material on his site that he’d be a good fit for my situation.

In working with Josh, I had the confidence to be more aggressive in my counter offer, which resulted in a better total compensation package than I likely would have been able to achieve on my own. We were able to get an increase of about $20,000 in my annual pay on top of a multi six-figure offer, 3,000 more shares in stock, and a jump to a senior position. I knew I was getting the best deal I possibly could and that allows me to start my new position with a clear mind.

Even though I already knew a fair amount of what Josh presented, I found small details (like presenting the “Why I’m Awesome Paragraph” as a wall of text) were very eye opening. I also found having someone to bounce ideas off of was key and having concise, prepared scripts as talking points made negotiating over the phone much smoother. Going forward, I now have the process of how to negotiate and knowing that will allow me to do so with more confidence.

Josh is very professional, timely, has great follow through and solid advice. I also appreciated that he fast tracked me through the process since I was on a tight timeline.

I’d definitely recommend hiring Josh for salary negotiation coaching. The best investment you can make is the one in yourself. People would be less afraid of negotiating if they knew what Josh teaches.