With research and a good plan, I got a $17,000 raise! Now I know I’m valued and I can finally stop worrying about whether I was underpaid.

This coaching isn’t cheap, and I already owned Fearless Salary Negotiation, so I knew the process to ask for a raise. But even though I knew I should be paid more and I knew the process, I kept running into road blocks with my boss.

I wanted help for my specific situation, and I needed a push to make a plan and see it through, so I decided to give this coaching a try.

What a great decision! Josh helped me formulate a solid plan, and he gave me quick feedback as we talked through different scenarios and possible outcomes so I knew exactly what to expect and how to react.

The extra income helped me start a second business and begin a remodel on our home. It has also made it easier for my wife to take time off of work and spend time at home with our new baby.

I recommend this coaching because salary negotiations are important, and going it alone is risky when you can have expert guidance on your side.