The biggest risk is not taking any risk. Most of my friends were reluctant for me to work with a salary negotiation coach. Josh’s initial fee of $3,000 was high and there was no guarantee that I could get the good result. I saw the value, but when I asked my friends about it, they thought I was crazy because I had to pay a lot in fees for the service.

However, I took a risk and guess what? I received more money from the company than I expected. For my first year, I am receiving $35,000 more for my sign-on bonus and a few thousand more in equity. Since Josh has a lot of negotiation experiences with FAANG, he knew where I am in the level and how we can approach the negotiation. With him, I could have the courage to ask the company to give me more money. I liked how quickly Josh responds and the email he wrote for me about how I can answer the recruiter.

Thank you, Josh. I would not have done it by myself. I will work with you if I get a job offer at a FAANG company or other big tech company like Microsoft in the future.