Hello Josh,

I know this email is a bit out of the blue, as I’ve actually never spoken to you before, but I just felt compelled to reach out to you and say thank you so much. For what, you ask? For providing amazing, free content.

I’m not in a position right now to hire you for your services, but I read every email you send out and have to say that every one is worthwhile. You do a great job providing quality content!

Because of your emails, I had the courage to ask my boss for a raise. I was the lowest paid developer on staff (63,000) and I knew my work was worth much more. So I made my case, and when my boss asked what I wanted raised to, I told him I wanted 100% of the mid market value for my position. A couple weeks later, I got notification that a raise was approved for the amount I asked for, which was a 23% increase! I followed all of your advice to the letter, and it really paid off.

So thank you so much for being awesome. This is the only mailing list I have ever been glad to be on ☺️.