I reached out to Josh because I was concerned that Google would lowball and/or refuse to match competing offers.

I was worried it wouldn’t be worth the money to hire Josh since I already had strong competing offers that I could leverage myself and wasn’t sure how much additional money negotiation would add on top of those.

The result I got from coaching wasn’t as much of a slam dunk as I was expecting, but it was still worth it relative to the cost. For my specific case I think most of the comp package was due to interview performance and competing offers rather than negotiation strategy. Working with Josh reduced stress during the negotiation process and I gained experience/collateral for future negotiations. What I liked most about the coaching was getting help drafting emails/correspondence and managing timelines.

I’d recommend working with Josh, but more strongly for higher-level positions where value-based negotiation probably plays a stronger role or for companies where comp bands are less tightly defined.