My concern about hiring Josh was whether he was “for real”. Because I found him on Google, I thought that it might be kind of a scam.

Working with Josh was a game changer and life-changing. He helped me negotiate $600k in total compensation, which was beyond my wildest dreams and $20k more than Amazon offered for the position. The money will completely transform my financial security and ability to invest/retire. Personally, Josh helped me realize my worth in a way that I never thought possible. I also have a better foundation for negotiating any offers in the future (although I’ll be using Josh going forward for every single job).

Along with his expertise, positive energy, and attentiveness to my specific needs, Josh brought a special talent and nuance to the process all the while making me feel like he was in my corner throughout the entire process. He gave me constant and timely feedback, even though it was a holiday weekend. He knew exactly what he was doing and always had a plan. It felt like he was always in control of the situation, always prepared and one step ahead of the process, and intuitively knew what we should ask for in terms of salary.