I reached out to Josh because I was concerned about managing the timeline of multiple offers. Because Patrick McKenzie endorsed him, I wasn’t worried about his value proposition, but I did have concerns about my cash flow to pay for the coaching.

The process was significantly less stressful than it would have been by myself. Having someone who knows how these companies operate and what normal looks like in a hiring process was one of the most valuable things to me. Having someone to push me to negotiate even when it felt uncomfortable was also really valuable.

We negotiated $30,000 additional total comp. In year 1 that was almost all cash, year two a split of stock and RSU, and years three and four entirely RSUs. My comp when I started working with Josh was $165k annually. My new comp is 2.5x that amount. I don’t know what to do with the extra money. I guess I’m going to invest it and maybe donate some to non profits I’m affiliated with.

Working with Josh was amazing and I have already recommended him to several other engineers.