I researched how to make a counter offer and your suggestions with a calculator came up. I had been working as a temp contractor at a Big Pharma company through an agency for a little over a year. The current manager posted the position I was in internally, and I applied. Now, while working temp, I had a pretty substantial hourly rate but no benefits and no pay for vacation. My manager made it obvious that she wanted me for the position.

I had been in communication with their HR person and was given an offer for me to consider over the weekend. I chose to follow your “Counter High” principle based on the initial offer, calculation of how much the offer was, how much they wanted you, and how much you needed the job. I used your counteroffer calculated number when I spoke to HR again yesterday. IT WORKED!! 😊

I knew my worth and years of experience for the role. I knew having moved to California, my family and I needed a substantial amount to navigate this new place due to cost of living being here. Long story short, I counteroffered $12,000 more than what they offered and we met right in the middle for salary and they gave a $5000 signing bonus!!

Thanks providing helpful information. Truly helpful.