This was my first time applying to / accepting a job in big tech, and I felt like the cards are heavily stacked in their favor during negotiations. I considered just using Josh’s advice online instead of actually hiring him, but decided it would probably be worth it to get more personalized advice.

Working with Josh went great! I thought I could maybe get a 10% improvement on my own. Together we ended up close to a 20% improvement on an offer that was in the mid six-figures. I didn’t think they’d go that high. I was so stoked. In fact, my message to Josh when I got the offer “holy s&#t. [number redacted for privacy reasons] total. I’m accepting.”

Working with Josh, it always felt like we were making a solid decision of when/how to push. Having someone there to talk it through who has the experience was really reassuring to me. I can now start my new job knowing that I’m not being undercompensated! I feel even more motivated to start work than before knowing that I negotiated well.