When I initially received the job offer, I didn’t know what my value was or how to ask for more in a tactful way. I knew that you only get a few chances in your career to negotiate, and that the hospitals and groups are skilled at negotiating against employees. So I was afraid of being too aggressive, that they would say no, or I that would hurt my relationship with the hospital.

They initially said that the contract they offered me was standard and nothing changes, but Josh insisted there is no “standard” contract. Turns out Josh was right, there is no “standard” contract, especially in medicine.

We negotiated a 25% increase in equivalent pay relative to what I would’ve gotten with the group’s “standard” contract. Josh is excellent at training you in how to present yourself in negotiations so everyone feels like they’re on the same team while you’re still standing up for yourself.

I 100% recommend working with Josh to negotiate your contract. I learned that there is a tactful and kind way to explore the boundaries of a possible contract with the hospital or group, and not only did I negotiate for higher pay and more non-monetary benefits in my department, but I also have a higher quality of life, more time, and more resources than I would have without Josh’s help.