Before hiring Josh, I followed the free advice on his website and kept my mouth shut. That led the company to offer the top of their published pay scale. I was unsure of what compensation I was worth and I’d seen Josh share good client results in the past, so I decided to hire him to help me negotiate.

I did fear that if Josh didn’t help me get a better offer or get me more than I could get on my own, then I would have wasted $3k. I was also worried that he would lead me to be more aggressive or confrontational than I would normally be on my own.

Josh’s advice paid for itself several times over and the outcome is literally better than I hoped for. He helped me counter for 17% more in salary, which they accepted. It was the number I had secretly dreamed of asking for and we got it.

The biggest value was Josh’s help in crafting a counteroffer email and the useful scripts he would continue to provide. I was shocked at how good the counteroffer email was. I would have limited my counteroffer to the median market rate for the job title in my location. But in the “list reasons why I’m great for this role” I think Josh saw specific reasons why I could ask for more than that. He helped me combine everything into a confident, assertive answer without sounding like I was bragging or arrogant. I think I would not have been able to walk such a fine line myself so skillfully.

I liked that we spoke on the phone and that Josh understood the big picture of my job hunt and offer. It never felt that he was just giving cookie-cutter advice. I also liked how prepared he was every step of the way. On my own, I might have just ruminated and spun my wheels. Josh was clear on what the process was, the best way to prepare for each step, and so on.

Upon reflection, I had to do very little work during the entire process. Josh’s thoughtful advice and scripts really did make it as easy as possible.