I’ve used the skills and techniques I learned in this course again and again over the last four years. It’s been a huge part of reaching where I am today—earning 400% more in total compensation than when I first took the course.

When I first started the course, I was earning $75k. I wanted a raise, but didn’t know where to start. Josh’s course walked me through a simple process to prepare my case and ask for a raise. Each lesson had specific action items for me to make steady progress, and I got feedback on my work plus great answers to my questions every step of the way.

Since taking the course, I’ve negotiated several compensation increases ranging between $15k and $40k/year at different companies. At one role, negotiating helped me reach $210k/year in total compensation, which was the top-of-band salary and stock offered. Most recently, I negotiated for an extra $40k in RSUs before accepting an offer with Twitter.

Josh’s course has helped me practice and get comfortable with salary negotiation and it has really changed my life for the better. I needed a push and a process, and this course gave me both.