I found myself in a surprise situation with the company saying “we don’t negotiate offers” after I already hired Josh. It had me afraid that I wasted the $5k fee. Josh helped me navigate a “non-negotiation” to communicate my desired outcome and achieve something workable without endangering the interaction by making it sound too much like a negotiation.

I received $30k (>10%) more salary, $50k more equity, and a $42k signing bonus. I completed the process with high confidence that I had the best possible outcome. I can start a new job that I wanted without having to take the pay cut I was afraid I’d have to take.

I really appreciated Josh’s openness about discussing and explaining the tactics we would use, rather than just giving me a script. This helped me feel better equipped to navigate complex situations. Having additional context on how the process plays out gave me higher confidence that each step we took in the process was optimal and that we were prepared for most contingencies. Josh’s general experience (e.g. “normally, this much of an extra equity ask is not perceived as excessive”) made me more comfortable asking for amounts higher than I would have thought possible on my own. Also, his feedback on my reports of each conversation was encouraging. Since my biggest fear was screwing up on the call, hearing “you did this exactly right” went a long way toward building my confidence.

I would absolutely recommend working with Josh. It was a pleasure working with him and I am happy with the outcome.