I wasn’t sure how to effectively counteroffer. Before I hired Josh, I thought, “Why don’t I just use his free email templates? I’ve watched all of his Youtube videos, what’s the value add of actually working with him?”

It went great! It was very helpful to rehearse and bounce ideas off of someone else. I doubt I would have had the confidence to make a 20% counteroffer without walking through Josh’s process with him. Josh provided excellent and thorough service, and I appreciated how organized he was. I was juggling a few different timelines, and Josh worked with me on each of the positions and gave me the language to help expedite the different timelines.

With Josh’s help, I negotiated $5K more base salary, $5K more annual bonus, and the freedom to relocate. I know that I’m not leaving money on the table, and I’m confident to help friends negotiate their own job offers.