I was worried about going head-to-head with recruiters who do this for a living and wanted to have someone in my corner.

Working with Josh went great! Even though my offer did not improve through negotiating, I got a fantastic initial offer and landed the role. It represents a big step up for me in terms of compensation and it’ll allow me to sleep easy knowing that my family is well-provided for.

What I liked most was the specificity of Josh’s coaching — the email templates, the “one of 3 things might happen now” scenario, all of that stuff. It made it really easy to navigate the offer process. I feel like I learned a ton about salary negotiation and I’ve gotten more confident in talking with recruiters and pushing back against their tactics (e.g. pressuring you to give them numbers first).

I’d absolutely recommend working with Josh. He’s great at what he does and it was a pleasure working with him.