Getting into tech for the first time, I didn’t understand what would be reasonable numbers to ask for during the course of negotiations.

My concern about hiring Josh for coaching was that it might not pay off financially. But it went well! We negotiated $10,000 more base salary, over $21,000 more in first-year equity, and a $20,000 signing bonus.

That result means an indescribable amount to me. I have had to manage my money exceedingly carefully to just make rent, family medical bills, and other basic expenses — never mind save up for other important things. I’m still going to manage my money carefully, but I won’t be wondering any more if I’ll be able to afford next month’s routine expenses.

I’m glad I hired Josh. If I hadn’t, I almost definitely would have freaked out when the low-ball offer came in. Josh was very responsive and just knowing that he was there to help at almost a moment’s notice was very calming.