I got an initial offer that was low relative to the market rate. The recruiter was stern during initial salary negotiations over the phone, even after data points were shared. I Google searched “lowball salary” and Josh Doody showed up in the top ten results.

Josh is action-oriented and knows the key talking points during negotiations. He helped me write down my specific skill sets that are relevant to the job and then carefully build those into a counteroffer. We increased my baseline salary by $10,000, my 1st-year bonus by $9,000 and 2nd-year bonus by $5,000.

Working with Josh, I gained lots of confidence and insights into key drivers going into negotiations. Data points are useful, but didn’t influence the negotiation outcome. I learned to focus on key skill sets that’ll contribute to the success of the employer, then justify by crafting a carefully thought-out counteroffer letter. I will use skill sets and tools learned from Josh for future negotiations.

I’d recommend working with Josh. HR staff speaks from a position of strength. They deal with job offers daily and part of their performance metric is to save money. Therefore, job seekers are at a disadvantage. Professional help is needed.