The coaching fee is not a small cost and I was worried I’d spend money for nothing since I wasn’t sure if I would be accepting an offer. I really needed a big jump up in compensation to convince me to leave where I was.

Working with Josh went great! I ended up accepting the position and I got a 6x return on my investment in year one alone. I now feel comfortable leaving my job of more than 20 years.

I learned about what goes into negotiation but had the benefit of a pro doing the research on the market, salary ranges, etc and then writing the offers, counters and giving me scripts and email templates. I also got some good phrasing to use when pushing back against the aggressive start date.

The only way it could have gone better is if I could have put Josh on with the recruiter when she insisted on always calling versus relying on email. But Josh was available to talk with me over the phone to help me be prepared for those calls. I also appreciated talking through it at the end to confirm we weren’t overlooking anything or leaving something on the table made me confident to accept. I would totally recommend working with Josh for salary negotiation coaching.