I wanted increased confidence in knowing what and how much to ask for. I also wanted help navigating the negotiation process, since I had never done it before. The initial cost of coaching was one of my biggest concerns. However, once I reached that tipping point, it was helpful to have had paid the initial fee as I felt I could ask Josh for any help that I needed.

Josh provided the insight and guidance I needed to be confident throughout the negotiation process. I know that I asked for more that I would have on my own because I had Josh’s help. I negotiated $20,000 more for salary and a substantial increase in equity.

Josh also put my own desires ahead of his own; there was a part of the negotiation process where he could have tried to influence me in a direction that would result in a larger fee for himself. Instead he discussed the options with me, provided me with enough information, and encouraged me to make the decision that was best for me.

I would highly recommend working with Josh as a salary negotiation coach. The most beneficial part was being prepared for each step of the negotiation process. Having an idea of what was next allowed me to be prepared for each conversation and provided me the confidence during the conversations. A very close second is the email drafts. They were short, respectable, and to the point. This was a huge help as I did not need to worry about offending the recruiter; I would have worried about this if writing them on my own.

I learned what the process is like and a few of the variations that can take place during a negotiation. I also learned that it’s okay to take time when responding to recruiters. Had I been doing this on my own I would have felt pressure to respond immediately to the recruiter. Now I know this is not required, moreover, it’s expected that the decision process takes time and is respected by recruiters. Having learned firsthand what the negotiation process is like, I feel confident I could do it on my own next time around. Although, I may still want to make use of Josh’s expertise during my next large negotiation.