Helping a physician in Health IT negotiate a fair market value with a $60k increase in total RSUs and $70k increase in sign-on bonuses

Because it’s a niche role and because my situation was unique, coming at me with a one-size-fits-all type approach to the negotiations would have been such a turnoff because that’s not what I needed. This was not a cookie-cutter type scenario and I wouldn’t have felt confident that we had optimized the plan if I’d been given cookie-cutter advice. Josh was really in-tune with the details.

For me, the biggest thing was I finished the negotiations with the peace of mind that this is the fair market value for this niche role. Instead of going off other niche friends who might say ‘ask this and ask for that’ and unrealistic numbers, it really felt like the number ended up being what Josh had guessed from the get-go would be right.

The types of jobs we are applying to these days as clinicians didn’t exist a decade ago and in some cases even 3 years ago. So having someone with expertise in salary negotiation with major tech companies, coaching you in the strategy and nuances associated with this type of negotiation is invaluable and difficult to find. I would 100% recommend working with Josh to others.