I wanted to get the most value out of my offer, but had already given a lower range in early conversations. The overall cost of Josh’s service was a bit of a concern for me, but I quickly saw it was a drop in the bucket compared to the overall gains.

Working with Josh was awesome! Following his process and suggestions got me more money than I would have asked for myself. I negotiated an additional $65,000 cash bonus over two years and an additional 13 shares. I’m thrilled with the result and I am confident that I was able to negotiate the best deal possible for this role because of Josh’s help and process.

I truly appreciated having Josh walking me through the process and what to expect as well as the script/words he provided to help me in every conversation. It was spot on. I had more confidence in my asks and value because of those scripts and knowing I was relying on Josh’s data and experiences.

Josh is patient and understanding and really great to work with. I am very grateful for the time he took to answer all my questions and dive into the details with me.