I had never successfully negotiated an offer before. When I considered hiring Josh to help me negotiate, I had concerns that the company wouldn’t move from their initial offer. Given the amounts I was looking at for this job transition, I decided the initial fee was worth the risk and I expected I’d learn a lot in the process, so considered it a form of tuition.

Working with Josh was amazing! I really appreciated the thorough feedback, line-by-line analysis, and all the scenario run-throughs. I felt well prepared throughout this whole process. What I liked most were the explanations around why we’re doing the things we’re doing. Josh helped me get better tuned into how the other side is thinking and provided a reference point in terms of what is typical or not.

The initial offer was in the $400k range. We negotiated a first-year improvement of more than $50k, which includes improvements in salary, equity and signing bonus. I learned a lot and I’m very confident I came out ahead. I don’t think I would have asked for what we did on my own.