I wanted professional assistance for salary negotiation and reached out to Josh. With Josh’s help, I improved my job offer by 10.5% plus an additional $5,000 in stock and a nice signing bonus.

I was hopeful that my job offer was negotiable, and I just needed professional help to navigate the process. I’m thankful I made the right decision to work with Josh!

I didn’t have to wait for his replies to my questions because he was always available and highly responsive throughout my negotiation process.

His team-oriented approach to coaching combined with his experience as a hiring manager made it extremely easy to work with him to get a great result.

He made every effort to listen to everything I had to say and asked lots of questions before we worked together so we had a strong foundation to start from. He patiently explained exactly how the process works, came up with a strategy for my specific situation, and explained the tradeoffs of the different choices we made along the way. We even practiced my negotiation with a mock negotiation call, which was extremely useful!

I’m very glad that I got Josh’s help and I’m excited about a new start.

I’m extremely thankful for the terrific support you provided throughout the process. Thanks for being a great coach!