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How to check in after your job interviews

Wait about a week and send a follow-up

by Josh Doody

Some companies will let you know if they decide not to move forward with you, and some companies won’t. It’s difficult to know which you’re dealing with, so you may want to send one more follow-up email after about a week to make sure they haven’t forgotten about you.

In this example, “Shawn” is the recruiter you’ve been working with and “Andy” is the hiring manager who interviewed you last.

A sample check-in email you can send to the recruiter you’ve been working with

To: Shawn Jones <[email protected]>
Subject: Josh Doody interview—Follow-up and next steps

Hi Shawn

It’s been about a week since I talked with Andy, so I wanted to follow up to see if you need anything else from me. I’m also curious if you can give me a sense of our next steps in the process.

Thanks for your time and I hope all is well!

Josh Doody
[email protected]

Hopefully, Shawn will reach out and let you know they’re ready to schedule your next interview. In that case, you’re right back to the interview step, and you’ll rinse and repeat that step along with the Post-interview step until you either get an offer or they let you know, explicitly or implicitly, that they’re not going to move forward with you.