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Chapter 7. How to get your next raise

Learn more about getting a raise at work

How to ask for a raise at work

Here's a simple process to ask for a raise at work. You'll define your target salary, show how you've earned it, then ask for your raise from your manager. Read more

What is your target salary?

Your first step to asking for a raise is to set your target salary. What salary should you be paid for the value you bring to the company? Read more

Build your case for your next raise

Make a strong case when you ask for a raise by showing how you add value to the company and citing praise from clients and colleagues. Read more

Prepare to ask for a raise using this email template

This is your chance to make your case in writing so your manager can circulate it in your own words. You'll make your case better than anyone else will. Read more

Ask for a raise in person and follow up with an email

How to ask for a raise and then follow up with a salary increase email request that can be circulated throughout the approval process. Read more

What to do when you don't get a raise

Even if you put in the work, there's no guarantee you'll be get a raise. Here's how to plan your next move after bad news. Read more

When you should pursue a promotion along with a raise

How to know if your current job can't pay enough for you to get a big raise, and what you can do about that. Read more