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How to get the most out of Fearless Salary Negotiation

by Josh Doody

There are really two ways to read this book: read it straight through or use it as a reference. Or both, of course. The best way to understand what Fearless Salary Negotiation is about is to just read the book straight through. Then you’ll have a full picture of how to estimate your market value, how to interview effectively, how to negotiate your salary, how to leave a job on the best possible terms when the time comes, and how to get a promotion or raise.

However, if you need a specific topic right now, you should have no trouble jumping right to the relevant chapter and reading through it without any background. Later on, after you’ve read the entire book, you can use it as a reference for each specific topic as your career requires it.

Part 1 is about understanding your market value. It includes a quick overview of how companies manage their salary structures and an easy-to-follow method for estimating your market value.

Part 2 is about getting paid what you’re worth when changing companies. The key chapter is How to negotiate your new salary, and the other chapters are extremely important for taking full advantage of that chapter. Acing your interview will help you get the absolute most out of your negotiation. Leaving your job on the best possible terms is a wise thing to do in order to maximize your longevity and future prospects in your industry.

Part 3 is about getting paid what you’re worth within your current company. If you like your company and think you’re under-paid, then pursuing a promotion or raise may be a great way to increase your pay and stay with a company you enjoy.