Fearless Salary Negotiation

About Josh Doody, author of Fearless Salary Negotiation

Josh Doody is the author of Fearless Salary Negotiation.

Josh Doody dual-majored in Computer and Electrical Engineering, and later earned his MBA at the University of Florida. He began his professional career as an electrical engineer, then transitioned to project management and consulting in the talent management software industry.

He has worked in many areas of the talent management industry including project management, consulting, implementation, technical support, and product development. He has consulted with firms large and small on their compensation management and planning strategies and helped implement software to help them manage their workforces more effectively.

Josh has also been a hiring manager, helping to build a 25-person technical support team based at the headquarters of an international software company, and has managed a team of technical consultants.

He didn’t negotiate his salary at his first few jobs, but quickly realized he had left a lot of money on the table. He began negotiating and doubled his salary in three years.

With the experience and confidence he gained from doubling his own salary, he began helping others drastically increase their salaries as well. You can read their stories and results here.

He took everything he learned from his own experience and helping others and wrote Fearless Salary Negotiation. Since he published the book at the end of 2015, he has helped thousands of people collectively increase their earnings by millions of dollars, and Fearless Salary Negotiation can help you too!

He lives and works in Gainesville, FL, home of the University of Florida.

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