Negotiating a raise

Salary negotiation for software developers, engineers, and designers

by Josh Doody

I recently did a Salary Negotiation workshop for the Orlando Devs Meetup and The Iron Yard’s Orlando campus. It was a great opportunity to work with software developers, engineers, and designers, who are simultaneously in very high demand right now, and hesitant to negotiate their salary.

My talk was about 30 minutes, starting with a salary negotiation overview for those who are looking to change jobs—how to prepare for your interviews, and how to negotiate your starting salary. Then I switched gears to talk about how to get your next raise or promotion for those who are planning to stay put.

After the talk, we did about 40 minutes of Q&A, which I thought was really fun and enlightening.

Here’s the full talk. And below that is an outline that shows all the topics we discussed, and a list of all the questions that were asked so you can jump right to something if you’re interested.

Talk outline

Q&A summary

I’m just linking to my answers (I usually repeat the question).

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