How do you ask for more money at your next software job…without losing the offer?

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Maybe you imagine yourself a couple days after sending a counter offer, frantically refreshing your inbox while you wait to hear a response from the recruiter.

Every email notification sends your heart racing, hoping it’s a yes but almost expecting that they’ll say no.

Or worse - what if they never even respond? What if the offer just … goes away?

You start to think that it’s less risky to just accept the initial offer and move on. Better than starting a whole new job search, right?

You’ve seen (or at least heard rumors) of other people getting a higher salary or a big pile of equity. But what do you even say and how do you say it to avoid sounding greedy? The last thing you want to do is say one wrong thing and mess it all up.

As one who had not really ever negotiated my salary (certainly not successfully) before, I was able to increase the original offer by $9,000 (12%).

Candace Barnes

You CAN ask for more, with confidence of a seasoned negotiator

What if you could confidently navigate the back and forth of your next salary negotiation like a seasoned pro (even if it’s your first time)? Not only land that dream job, but with a higher salary and an extra week of vacation?

How great will it feel to read that confirmation email when it arrives?

It’s true that an inexperienced negotiator can get tripped up in the complicated back and forth of asking a prospective employer for more, but it doesn’t have to be that way.

And once you’ve negotiated successfully the first time, you’ll feel ready to do it again when it’s time for your next raise or job transition.

I sent the first email template and then got an extra $2k base salary. I was hyperventilating waiting for the results, but it was the easiest $2k I ever made.


You can learn to negotiate your job offer like a pro with my Salary Negotiation Crash Course

Time is of the essence, so in this focused series of 8 of videos I’ll show you exactly what to expect during the negotiation process. Instead of wondering what happens next you’ll be able to anticipate the recruiter’s every move.

There’s no crystal ball necessary when you understand how the entire negotiation process works.

Once you understand the negotiation process, you’ll be able to save even more time drafting the “perfect” email by using my battle-tested negotiation scripts and templates. Instead of searching for the right words (or accidentally saying the wrong ones), you can know exactly what words to say when they push back on the phone and what to write in every email with battle-tested negotiation scripts and email templates.

Ready to get started? Get your my entire Salary Negotiation Crash Course right now and confidently send your counter offer email within 90 minutes.

I got an extra $6k in salary and a signing bonus of $6k. Very happy with the outcome.

Darryl N., Software Engineer

What You Learn

The complete course curriculum

Each lesson has a professional-quality screencast to help you learn more efficiently and retain more of what you learn. You can watch these self-paced video courses any time. Each lesson outlines the concepts clearly and provides specific action items for you.

What's in the course

Tools to help you learn

Video course

A step-by-step guide, showing you how to...

  • Prepare for your negotiation
  • Ask for time to consider the offer
  • Evaluate the offer
  • Counter offer
  • Finalize the deal

10 Email templates

Real world examples to make communicating with recruiters and hiring managers easy. Templates to...

  • Ask for time to consider your offer
  • Counter offer in a collaborative way
  • Convey your final decision after your negotiation

Essential Salary Negotiation Email Pack

A detailed walkthrough of the included counter offer template

  • 11-minute video walkthrough to help you write your counter offer email
  • Inputs you need before you start writing your counter offer
  • The exact guidance I give my coaching clients

Salary Negotiation Worksheet

Make the math easy

  • Determine the right counter offer amount
  • Plan the details of your salary negotiation

BONUS: Video courses

An overview of how companies pay people, and how to know how much you should be paid

  • How to estimate your market value
  • How companies manage their salary structures

BONUS: Market Value Estimation Worksheet

Know your worth

  • Methodically collect data from multiple sources
  • Determine your market value from that data

Check out this Sample Lesson

What is your Minimum Acceptable Salary to take this job?

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You own everything—I don’t use DRM or limit the number of devices you can use—and you will own them forever.

Plus I'll email you to let you know when I add new materials for the lifetime of the product.

Happy Customer Guarantee

You're protected by the Happy Customer Guarantee: If you’re not happy with the course, reach out any time and I’ll refund your money.

That’s it—there’s no fine print. I know how valuable Fearless Salary Negotiation is and I know you’ll find it valuable.

Learn to negotiate your salary like a pro in 90 minutes

The Salary Negotiation Crash Course

  • How to negotiate your starting salary video course and companion guide
  • 10 email templates to ask for time to consider your offer, negotiate your offer, and communicate your final decision
  • Salary negotiation worksheet to make the math easy
  • The Essential Salary Negotiation Email Pack to make writing your counter offer easy
  • BONUS: "How to estimate your market value" video course
  • BONUS: "How companies determine their salary structures" video course
  • BONUS: Market Value Estimation Worksheet

Still have questions?

The Salary Negotiation Crash Course isn't for everyone...

I've never negotiated before. Will this work for me?

You don't need to be an experienced negotiator to negotiate your salary. You'll have no trouble picking up the tactics I teach you to negotiate your salary.

Can I negotiate my salary if this is my first job?

The main reason to negotiate is that there might be room to negotiate. Whether you’re a recent college grad looking for your first full-time job, or an experienced executive looking to level up, you'll only know if there's room to negotiate by trying it.

What if I'm not negotiating my salary right now?

Even if you just got a raise, Fearless Salary Negotiation will help you plan for your next raise or promotion. Or if you're changing jobs soon, you can use it to work on your interview skills so you get more job offers.

Remember that example above where you negotiated $5,000 more in base salary and that added up to more than $100,000 over the next 20 years of your career? If you wait just one year, then that same $5,000 is only worth $95,000 over the next 20 years. Wait two years and that same $5,000 increase is only worth $90,000 over the next 20 years. The sooner you start getting paid what you're worth, the more money you will make over the course of your career.

How long does this take?

The salary negotiation video course takes about 50 minutes. If you watch the course and then use the other video supplements, worksheets, and email templates, you can be ready to negotiate your salary in less than 90 minutes.

Can I get my money back if I'm not happy?

Absolutely! You're protected by the Happy Customer Guarantee. If you're not happy with your purchase for any reason, just let me know and I'll refund your money.

Strategy and Tactics from a Salary Negotiation Expert

I'm Josh Doody, a professional salary negotiation coach who helps High Earners get more job offers and negotiate higher salaries. On average, my clients improve their job offers by $47,273.

I didn't negotiate my salary at my first few jobs, but quickly realized I had left a lot of money on the table. I began negotiating and I doubled my salary in three years.

Now I use everything I learned from my own experience to help others make tens of thousands more dollars negotiating with Google, Apple, Facebook, Amazon, Tesla, @WalmartLabs, Zillow, Kimberly-Clark, Bloomberg, Red Hat, Verizon, IBM, Microsoft, and other companies you've heard of.

Success Stories

I was indeed able to net a better offer letter: $13k base salary increase over my current salary, $20k annual bonus, and 10k company shares.

The Salary Negotiation Crash Course was truly helpful! I wanted to share my excitement and appreciation.


I made an additional $8,000 in base salary and landed a better job thanks to the interview and salary negotiation strategies I learned from Fearless Salary Negotiation! Now I can do more boring things like save for retirement, and fun things like travel more.

Jared Allen

Senior Software Developer

Using techniques from Fearless Salary Negotiation—along with the included email templates and worksheets—I accepted a new job after getting my salary increased by $20K from the original offer along with an extra week of vacation! I had the confidence to go in with a strong negotiating position based on the knowledge I gained from the book.

Josh C.

Senior Business Development Executive

Thanks to Fearless Salary Negotiation, I was able to earn another $11,000 with a single email. This is the most valuable email I’ve ever sent, and I wouldn’t have sent it if it wasn’t for Fearless Salary Negotiation.

Justin Abrahms

Senior Software Engineer

I just wanted to let you know I just wrapped up a negotiation that netted me $20K. I based my negotiation on your templates and guidelines. This is the best money I’ve ever spent.

Thanks so much!

Jesse DuMond

Senior Software Engineer


Because of Fearless Salary Negotiation I got an extra $25,000 in salary…which means it could be realistic for my family to stay here instead of having to move somewhere cheaper.

J. D.

With the tactics in Fearless Salary Negotiation I negotiated an additional $6,000 on my starting salary at my new job as a Senior Software Engineer. And all of my future salary increases will all be relative to this higher starting salary, so I am likely to receive larger raises from here on out.

Jason Voegele

Senior Software Engineer

I just wanted to say thanks for putting your content out there. I used a modified version of your salary negotiation template today and received a fully accepted counter offer! A $6000 increase from their original offer!



Getting paid what you're worth is tough. It's even tougher when you don't have a roadmap.

It's time do decide: Are you ready do the work to get paid what you're worth so you can finally afford those things you've been putting off? This is your chance to finally make the downpayment on that house or plan the family vacation you've been dreaming of.

If you're ready to invest in yourself, this is your chance to stop leaving money on the table.

You have the proof that The Salary Negotiation Crash Course works. You've seen results from professionals who finally got paid what they're worth: software developers, CTOs, CFOs, Project Managers, and people just like you.

Every day that goes by, you're leaving money on the table. Today's the day to change that.

All the best


PS The sooner you start negotiating your salary like a pro, the sooner you'll get paid what you're worth. The Salary Negotiation Crash Course will teach you skills you can use over and over throughout your career, earning more money every time, so this is one of the best investments you’ll ever make.