Refer a friend.

Earn $1,000.

Help your friend with one of the hardest conversations in their career, and earn $1,000 when you tell them about my Salary Negotiation Coaching service.

Have someone in mind? Send them this link...

Special offer

Take advantage of your special referral offer!

You can earn: $1,000

Any time you send a client my way, I'll send you $1,000 once your referral and I are working together.

How to earn a referral bonus:

  1. Invite a friend to apply for Salary Negotiation Coaching by sending them this link:
  2. They apply for an intro call, mentioning you in the "How did you hear about me?" question
  3. When your referral and I work together, you'll earn $1,000

"Who should I tell about Salary Negotiation Coaching?"

The best people to refer to me are High Earners that are currently in a job search or negotiating their offer. Typically, they are leaders with a title including something like "Vice President" or "Senior Director" and making $400,000 total compensation at larger companies, and can also be senior engineers or engineering managers, or even physicians.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does this work?

Refer a friend via the link above.

What does my friend or colleague need to do?

Your friend simply needs to apply for a free intro call, mentioning you in the "How did you hear about me?" question. If we work together, you'll get a referral bonus.

What is the referral bonus for referring a friend?


If my friend doesn't mention me in the "How did you hear about me?" question, do I still get a referral bonus?

No, your friend must mention you in the "How did you hear about me?" question on the Salary Negotiation Coaching application. You will only get a referral bonus if your friend and I work together.

When will I get the referral bonus?

Once your referral and I have kicked off our engagement and are formally working together, I'll mail you a check. It will typically take 2-4 weeks for your referral bonus to arrive in the mail.

What is the link I need to send my friend so they can apply for Salary Negotiation Coaching?