Case Studies

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Case Study: Negotiating an additional $160,000 as an executive joining Alphabet | Industry:

How Taylor negotiated a $160,000 increase in annual compensation for an executive role at Alphabet

Case Study: Helping Justin get an enticing L6 offer from Amazon | Industry:

How Justin navigated the salary negotiation process at Amazon to find the best compensation package possible

Case Study: Landing an L7 Offer at Amazon | Industry:

How Erica landed an L7 offer at Amazon and negotiated an additional $80,000 in signing bonuses

Case Study: Helping a physician in Health IT negotiate a fair market value | Industry:

How Lucy negotiated $60,000 increase in total RSUs, $70,000 increase in sign-on bonuses

Case Study: Helping a Senior Software Engineer negotiating multiple job offers at four major tech companies | Industry:

How Jamie chose Github among four big tech companies and negotiated $42,000 more in annual comopensation plus a $25,000 sign-on bonus

Case Study: Getting Ben the best L4 compensation possible from Google | Industry:

How Ben negotiated a nearly $30,000 increase in base compensation plus a hefty sign-on bonus

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