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Career Strategy Coaching to help you get unstuck and make a plan to move forward

Feel like you need to make a move, but don't know what that move should be or how to make it? You're not alone.

Whether you feel stuck in your current role, you're between jobs and struggling to find your next role, or just want guidance on a career decision, I can help.

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Let's talk through your situation and put together a clear plan of action so you know exactly what to do next.

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After we talk, I'll send a report with a summary of our call plus acction items and next steps so you can start implementing your strategy right away.

Looking for Salary Negotiation Coaching? This service is for Career Strategy Coaching, and if you would like to work together to negotiate a job offer, then my Salary Negotiation Coaching for High Earners could be right for you.

Your Career Strategy Coach

I'm Josh Doody, a professional Salary Negotiation Coach who helps High Earners get more job offers and negotiate higher salaries. I help people identify their most valuable skills and experience in order to optimize their job offers through salary negotiation.

Before I made a living as a Salary Negotiation Coach, I was a Talent Development Consultant and Hiring Manager. I built teams and consulted with companies on how to manage their workforces to align their people with the roles best suited to them and most valuable to the company.

Let's work together to find the right strategy for your situation.

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"How much does this cost?"

Strategy session

Our initial strategy session will be a deep dive into your situation and develop the right strategy for your unique situation so you know exactly what to do next. You'll also get a summary of everything we discuss.


After your initial strategy session, you're welcome to schedule follow-ups so we can talk about your progress implementing your strategy and address any new strategic questions you may have.

Email me
any time

You're also to reach out via email any time you have questions or updates where you would like additional input.

How it works

Schedule a strategy session at a time that works for you. I'll reach out to gather more information about your situation so that I have a clear picture of how I can help before we talk.

Then we'll talk about your situation—what's working and what isn't—and I'll help you strategize and make a plan for your next move.

After we talk, I'll send a report with a summary of our call plus acction items and next steps so you can start implementing your strategy right away.

You can always schedule follow-up strategy sessions whenever you need to or email me with questions you have.

At first it seemed pricey, but it was absolutely worth it.

It was a breeze scheduling my strategy session with Josh. And it gave me a sense of confidence I’ve never had before when going into both a job interview and negotiation process. We were able to touch on everything from very small, specific questions I had, to large questions that have implications on my overall career and reputation.

Three great benefits of my strategy session were:

  1. Josh validated some of the decisions I’ve made up to this point.
  2. Josh empowered me to be able to make my own decisions about the negotiation process when it comes.
  3. Josh didn’t sugar coat his feedback to me when I answered a practice interview question, which was great.

I’d strongly recommend working with Josh. I’m glad I did so relatively early on in my career so I can apply what I learned throughout my career. That being said, I’m confident that even the most seasoned professional could stand to learn something from a session with him.

Natalie M.

Manager of Administration and Finance

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Career Coaching

If you feel stuck in your current role, stuck between roles, or simply want my strategic recommendations for your current situation, I can help.

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