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Having a professional involved allows me to not overthink and overanalyze the process. I can throw out ideas, have them approved or not, without having to spend hours and hours agonizing over the decision tree. With Josh’s help, I negotiated $30k more salary, $50k more bonus, and $100k more equity. I always try and convince folks to hire Josh. I consider myself above average at negotiation (and some of that was learned from Josh and his book), but I would still much rather have the guidance of a professional to get the max comp offer and peace of mind.

Josh Johnson

Staff Software Engineer


I’ve never negotiated an extra dollar for myself in any job offer or raise, and I had tried a couple times before. The fact that Josh helped me get an additional $74,000 was amazing. It wasn’t unexpected to get more money, but it was unexpected to get that much more money.

Justin Garrison

Software Development Advocate


When I considered hiring Josh to help me negotiate, I had concerns that the company wouldn’t move from their initial offer. Given the amounts I was looking at for this job transition, I decided the initial fee was worth the risk and I expected I’d learn a lot in the process, so considered it a form of tuition. The initial offer was in the $400k range. We negotiated a first-year improvement of more than $50k, which includes improvements in salary, equity and signing bonus. I learned a lot and I’m very confident I came out ahead. I don’t think I would have asked for what we did on my own.


Senior Software Engineer


Working with Josh went great! I thought I could maybe get a 10% improvement on my own. Together we ended up close to a 20% improvement on an offer that was in the mid six-figures. I didn’t think they’d go that high. I was so stoked. In fact, my message to Josh when I got the offer “holy s&#t. [number redacted for privacy reasons] total. i’m accepting.”


I weighed the cost/benefit of hiring Josh. There are other far less expensive options and I believe I could have done pretty well negotiating myself, but you tend to “get what you pay for”.

The process was enjoyable, Josh was quick to help, and the results were strong. I ended up with a $50k+ increase in compensation year one and I have a good four-year outlook that I’m happy with.


Senior Manager


Working with Josh was amazing and I have already recommended him to several other engineers. Having someone who knows how these companies operate and what normal looks like in a hiring process was one of the most valuable things to me. We negotiated $30,000 additional total comp. My comp when I started working with Josh was $165k annually. My new comp is 2.5x that amount. I don’t know what to do with the extra money. I guess I’m going to invest it and maybe donate some to non profits I’m affiliated with.


Software Engineer


Amazon AWS

I used the Fearless Salary Negotiation strategy for negotiating an offer and went from $95,000 with a title of Software Engineer 1 to $105,000 with a title of Software Engineer 2. Now I can pay off my student loans and buy a house more quickly.

Aaron Batilo

Software Engineer 2

Josh helped me negotiate with Alphabet to get an additional $160k in annual compensation.

It’s like professional sports — if you don’t have film on your opponent and you go into a game without any scouting report, you’re in big trouble. Josh has ‘the film’ on Alphabet and other tech companies. He knows who you’re dealing with and that’s a huge advantage.

Bringing on Josh made a huge difference for me — no way I would have ended up with that number without his help. Whether you’re a mid-level engineer or an executive — to me it’s a no brainer to work with Josh.




Josh’s course helped me practice and get comfortable with salary negotiation and has really changed my life for the better. I needed a push and a process, and this course gave me both. When I started the course, I was earning $75k. I’ve used what I learned in this course again and again over the last four years to negotiate several compensation increases ranging between $15k and $40k/year. It’s been a huge part of reaching where I am today—earning 400% more in total compensation than when I first took the course.

John Li

Senior Android Engineer


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