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How to refer experienced Software Developers and Executives for salary negotiation coaching

As you know, referrals are a critical component of my business. If you have a colleague, friends, family member, customer, or anyone else in need of salary negotiation coaching, please connect them with me.

I will provide them with the best help that I can, or help them find the help they need if I cannot help them directly.

You’re reading this page because you’re a trusted friend, client, or colleague and you’re curious how to refer someone to me.

First, thanks for thinking of me. I appreciate any referrals you send my way as this is how I make my living. I won’t let you or anyone you send my way down.

If you’re curious about who would make an ideal referral and how to refer someone to me, read on. This has been one of the most frequently asked questions I’ve received and this page was written to give you helpful, specific instructions on how to refer someone you know.

“Who should I refer to you?”

My ideal clients are experienced Software Developers and Executives who have at least one job offer in hand or expect to negotiate one or more job offers in the next four weeks.

What problems can Josh help with?

My ideal clients are looking for help negotiating one or more job offers with big tech companies.

“How should I refer people to you?”

Good question!

The best way to refer someone to me is to send them a link to my Coaching page. That is the best way for us to start the conversation, so I can best understand how I can help them.

Send them a link to this page: https://fearlesssalarynegotiation.com/coach/

Please let them know that when they fill out the application, they should put down your name as the person who referred them to me.

Below, I’ve included an email that you can copy and paste and send to anyone you’d like to refer to me.

How does Josh help his clients?

My clients benefit from my done-for-you coaching service, which starts at $3,000 and can increase from there depending on their results. My service is fixed-rate to start, so my clients know exactly what their up-front costs will be.

“How do I know who I should refer to you?”

An exercise that I often do when I’m thinking of who I can refer to my friends or my colleagues is this:

  • I block out 20 minutes on my calendar
  • I write down, on a piece of paper, the type of client that they work best with (In my case, experienced Software Developers and Executives who have at least one job offer in hand or expect to negotiate one or more job offers in the next four weeks)
  • Then, I go through my contact list on my phone, in my address book, in my email client, on LinkedIn, and on Facebook looking for anyone that I think might be a good person to connect them with, and I write down their name
  • In 20 minutes, I can have 5, 10, 20, or even more names written down to refer to a friend or colleague

I recommend that you do the same. Block out 20 minutes on your calendar and follow the above process. Then, for each person on your list, feel free to refer them to me or send them the referral introduction email below.

“Do you have an email I can use to refer people to you?”

I do! Just copy and paste this email, substituting their name and other relevant bits (highlighted with bold font). Then send the email off to someone you’ve identified (CC or BCCing me, preferably, so I know that you’ve referred them to me and can prepare for them to reach out to me).

Hi [Name]

You mentioned that you were looking for help with [Problem or issue they're facing OR an outcome they're looking for].

I'd like to introduce you to Josh Doody, a salary negotiation coach who helps Software Developers and Executives get more high-quality job offers, negotiate higher starting salaries, and make their next career moves.

I’m familiar with Josh’s work and highly recommend him as someone that you speak to. I’ve CC’d Josh on this email and he’ll be replying in a day or so to learn more about you, your goals, and your current situation.

In the meantime, I recommend you visit his Coaching page to learn more about how he can help and fill out the short application to tell him more about your current situation and challenges, so he knows in advance of the call how he can best help you (make sure to put me down as the source of the referral!).

>> https://fearlesssalarynegotiation.com/coach/

Once you’ve filled out that application, Josh will be in touch with any follow-up questions and to schedule a time for the two of you to speak.

Looking forward to hearing how the conversation goes!

[Your name]

Thank You

Referrals are a critical component of my business—they’re how I make my living. I really appreciate you taking the time to connect me with 2–3 (or more!) of your colleagues, customers, or friends. And if there’s anyone I can refer to you, just let me know know and I’ll see who in my network is a match for your business.

All the best

– Josh