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The Interview Cheat Sheet

Interview checklists to prepare for every job interview

You have a job interview scheduled for tomorrow morning, and you meant to prepare—you really did!—but life just got in the way. So you kept putting it off and putting it off, and now you have 12 hours before you talk to the recruiter or hiring manager for a job you really want.

Your mind starts spinning, wondering what to expect. How do you prepare? What if this is a great opportunity and you forget something important?

You Google things like "Sample interview questions" and "Should I give my salary requirements in an interview". The top results are all books, long blog articles, massive interview guides, but there's no time to read all that!

You just want to get through this first call, and you can read a book later on.

Get the free Interview Cheat Sheet

Are you ready for your interview?The Interview Cheat Sheet is a simple, 2-page, printable PDF you can use to get ready for every interview.

  • How to research a company
  • What to say when they ask for your salary requirements
  • How to answer almost any interview question
  • Common types of questions to expect
  • Questions you should ask
  • Checklists for in-person, phone, and virtual interviews

Kai Davis

Josh’s interview cheat sheet breaks down exactly what you need to do to prepare yourself for your interview, even if it’s tomorrow. You’ll learn the key, most important points to prepare yourself for your interview.

A simple, printable, two-page PDF to get through any job interview

  • What to look for when researching a company
  • How to respond when they ask for your current salary or expected salary
  • How to answer almost any interview question
  • Common types of interview questions you should expect
  • Questions you should ask when you get the chance
  • Interview checklists for each type of interview—in-person, phone call, or video call—so you don't forget anything before your interview

Review it and keep it handy during each interview

Have a phone interview coming up? Print The Interview Cheat Sheet and use the "Phone call" interview checklist to make sure you have everything you need. Then keep it next to you so you know how to respond when they ask the salary expectations and salary requirements questions, and so you have your own interview questions ready to ask.

Interviewing in person? Use The Interview Cheat Sheet to guide your company research so you stand out from other candidates. And review the "In Person" interview checklist before the job interview so you're totally prepared.