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How do you ask for a raise?

How to confidently ask for a raise at work

  • Get the free guide on how to estimate your market value—a three-phase process for estimating your market value so you can set your target salary
  • Learn how to set your target salary—it's important to have a goal in mind when you ask for a raise so you can build a case to justify that goal
  • Learn how to build a strong case—identify your accomplishments and accolades to demonstrate that you're underpaid
  • Learn how and when to deliver your case—simple steps you can follow to deliver your case in a compelling way
  • Get an email template for following up on your request

Learn how to get your next raise at work

Get two free step-by-step guides with everything you need to get your next raise at work.

You'll also get my most helpful articles on business, career management, and salary negotiation.

Thanks to the ideas and strategies in Fearless Salary Negotiation, I was able to negotiate a $13,000 per year raise. You would be foolish to not invest in this resource. The ROI is ludicrous.