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How to ace a job interview

Are you ready for your job interview if your dream job calls tomorrow?

  • Learn how to prepare for a job interview—specific, easy things you can do before a job interview to stand out from other candidates
  • Review common job interview questions and answers—a summary of the six types of questions you can expect and how to prepare for each one
  • Learn some questions you should ask if you have the chance in your job interview—how to take advantage of the opportunity to ask your own questions, including specific questions you should ask
  • Learn how to avoid common job interview pitfalls—how to avoid pitfalls that could cost you thousands of dollars
  • Learn how and when to follow up after your job interview—sample emails you can use to followup at each stage of the interview process
Jared Allen, Senior Software Developer

I made an additional $8,000 in base salary and landed a better job thanks to the interview and salary negotiation strategies I learned from Fearless Salary Negotiation! Now I can do more boring things like save for retirement, and fun things like travel more.