Learn how to avoid 5 costly salary mistakes that could cost you over $1,000,000 in lifetime earnings.

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What you'll learn

  • How long has it been? How frequently you get raises is just as important as how large they are.
  • Ring the bell, get a prize Why should you be paid more than your current salary?
  • "Help me pay for my new BMW?" How you ask for a raise is as important as what you ask for.
  • Birthday budget Timing is everything when asking for a raise.
  • I give up What will happen when you ask for a raise, and how to plan your next steps.

Thanks to Josh's inspiration, last month was my 1 year in my current job and I just negotiated a 20% bump in my base salary!

Early in my career, I missed out on a lot of valuable opportunities. I wanted to make more money, but I thought the best way to do that was to work hard and wait patiently to be recognized for my work.

I worked hard, and spent a lot of time waiting. And waiting.

Eventually, I realized there was more to it than "work hard and wait". I realized I had made some costly mistakes, and it took me several years to recover from them.

With these 5 lessons, I'll show you 5 Salary Mistakes that I learned the hard way, so you can learn from my experience and earn a lot more money over your career.