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5 Reasons You Haven't
Gotten a Raise Yet

A free course on why you aren't getting paid what you're worth
and what you should do about it

Another year has gone by and you didn't get a raise. It started as a single year without a raise. Then it was no raise in 2 years, then no raise in 5 years. What's going on?

You're doing good work, but you're still underpaid. You just can't figure out how to get a raise.

You know it's possible to get a raise because some of your co-workers have done it. But it's just not happening for you.

Should you ask for a raise? Even if you should, you aren't sure how to ask for a raise. What if you're turned down?

What you'll learn

This free email course walks you through the five most likely reasons you didn't get a raise, what to do about them, and how to get a raise.

How long should you wait to ask for a raise? The longer you wait between raises, the more salary you could be leaving on the table. But you don't want to ask for raises too often either.

Are you ready for a raise? Learn how to identify the valuable contributions you've made to your company so you know you're ready to ask for a raise.

How do you negotiate a raise? What you ask for is as important as how you ask.

When should you ask for a raise? Learn how to ask for a raise when there's budget available. Timing is everything!

What do you say when you're denied a raise? You may not get a raise on the first try. It's important to follow up on your request and make a plan with your manager.

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Thanks to Josh's inspiration, last month was my 1 year in my current job and I just negotiated a 20% bump in my base salary!