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Win your salary negotiation with copy-and-paste email templates and a detailed video walkthrough

Send your counter offer email with the help of a salary negotiation expert

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You have a job offer in hand and the clock is ticking. You need to respond now.

The recruiter needs to know your decision so they can start the paperwork. You imagine them sitting in front of their computer, checking their inbox for your decision.

You want a higher salary. You know you deserve a higher salary, based on your hard-won expertise.

You need to negotiate the job offer, but you don’t want to rush it.

You need to send the perfect counter offer email, written for your exact situation.

In your counter offer, you want to tactfully suggest a higher salary — while reiterating your case for how you’ll be a valuable employee at the company

And: you want to do all of this the right way.


Thanks for the tools! They were a success for me! I got an $8,000 pay increase over their original offer!

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I agonized for days over whether or not to negotiate. Then finally just decided to bite the bullet and use your template. Three hours later I got a better offer with another $4k added!

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I accepted an offer and was able to negotiate an increase in base salary of $4k, an extra week of vacation, and a change in title.

Send the perfect counter offer email with the “Essential Salary Negotiation Email Pack”

With the Essential Salary Negotiation Email Pack, you’ll get the 10 email templates you need to send the perfect counter offer email for your situation.


First, you need more time to consider your offer. Then, you’ll want to counter their offer. After that, you’ll want to tell them your bottom line.

Countering their offer isn’t a ‘one-email deal.’ The people who are most successful at negotiating their job offers understood that it’s a multi-step process, depending on how the company responds.

(My clients have used this exact process and these exact templates to negotiate $7,000 more, $8,000 more, and even $24,000 more.)

And in the Essential Salary Negotiation Email Pack, you’ll get all the emails you need to counter their offer effectively.

The first template is a simple template you can copy and paste to ask for more time to consider your offer. That will take the pressure off so we can work on your counter offer.

Then I’ll show you how you can write compelling counter offer emails, walking through the counter offer email template paragraph by paragraph to show you how to write your counter offer email with a short video.

In the Essential Salary Negotiation Email Pack, you’ll receive additional templates to use for your unique situation:

  • Telling them you have multiple offers to consider
  • Firmly stating your bottom line
  • Asking for more time
  • Tactfully accepting or declining their offer

Make sure you win your salary negotiation with the Essential Salary Negotiation Email Pack.

Essential Salary Negotiation Email Pack

I'll show you how to counter offer without losing your job offer

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  • Video walkthrough to help write your counter offer email - A detailed video walkthrough of the "Counter Offer - standard" email template so you know what to write and why to write it.
  • Inputs you need before you start writing - A complete list of the details you need to customize your salary negotiation email.
  • 10 email templates to respond to your job offer - In addition to the "Counter offer - standard" template I review in the video, you'll get 9 more templates ask for more time, counter a lowball job offer, accept or decline your job offer, and more.
  • The exact guidance I give my coaching clients - This is exactly what I tell my coaching clients when we negotiate their job offers.


Happy Customer GuaranteeIf you're not happy, I'll refund your money.

Sarah M., Web Developer

Thanks so much for the email templates! They helped me figure out what my goal was: to not leave money on the table!

As I negotiated, I almost felt bad pushing, but then I realized that was my goal: to not leave money on the table.

Thanks to your "Ask for Time to Consider a Job Offer" Template, I knew to ask for time to consider their offer.

Then I used your "Low-Ball Offer" Template to pull their offer up before negotiating. When I finally sent a counter offer, they replied with a heart-felt reply about how 'over-the-top it was'.

They said I had already overshot their original max when they upped the lowball offer. Then I realized that I had made my goal: to find their max so I didn't leave any money on the table.

It was fun negotiating up from their original lowball offer and I was thrilled that they improved their initial offer by 25%. Thanks to your other "Counter Offer" templates, I know to make sure I ask more details about perks and benefits and negotiate those too.

Thanks for all the help your emails have been! I now understand better why negotiating happens.

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I used the Fearless Salary Negotiation email templates to get another $5,000!

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Using the counter offer template along with the Essential Salary Negotiation Email Pack, I negotiated an additional $24,000.

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The Fearless Salary Negotiation email templates worked! I used them to negotiate $23,000 above my previous salary!

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We used the information to get my wife an additional $7,000 in salary using your counter offer emails.

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My offer improved by $7,500! And, my employer told me that this showed a side of me that makes them even more excited to have me on their team! :)

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I was able to negotiate up from an original offer for a contract position at $30/hr (about $62,000/yr) with no benefits to a direct-hire Senior Chemist position paying $76,000/year plus overtime.

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I just used your email templates to get an increase of $11k for my offer after negotiation. I'm honestly shocked that it worked!

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My daughter and I took words and verbiage from two or three of the letter samples to make her counter offer just right for her situation. They came back with another $5,000 per year! She has accepted.

Thank you for your help,

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Just wanted to tell you that I used the template and I start my new job today with a $5,000 higher salary than was initially offered. Thank you for making it so easy. One email was all it took.

Thank you!!

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Thank you for the counteroffer email template. I received an initial offer from a company for $125K. We settled on $135K. Thank you so much!!